Hope For Those Who Fight Beside Bernie For Social Justice: This Is Not Over (VIDEOS)

I am a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders, but Bernie never said he was “Bernie or Bust”.  I want to hear what he has to say…  About his hope for the least of us…

What do I not often hear from his supporters is W.W.B.D.?  After all, he walks on water like Jesus, right?  What would Bernie Sanders ask of us if he is unable to win the Democratic nomination?

I am not a Bernie or Bust voter as I have never heard him once ask for that from his supporters.  I adore him… Even his idealism in the face of pragmatic concern about his ideas being unattainable is a constant bombardment of Corporate and Establishment white noise.

I do believe that Bernie’s wishes for the United States are easily attainable, as not only do we have the means to afford a Single Payer system, it is not even complicated if common decency was a national humanitarian priority.  We can stop our perma-wars.  There is not one reason we cannot afford to pay for college for the next two generations of our kids and grandkids with modest cuts in corporate welfare and the war-for-profit military industrial complex.

Whether anyone likes it or not we are a Socialized Democracy in a Free Federation of States. Our military is Socialized, and even Dick Cheney is a Socialist.  Once you pool your tax money to pay for government services you become a Socialist nation.  That does not mean we do not have free enterprise.  It is just the humane balance between the two that Bernie is fighting for on our behalf, and on behalf of our planet.

Bernie has spoken out on one of the most important truths of our time, and I hear him.  Because for all of my life I stood for the issues he has fought so hard for, and my respect for him is immense and unwavering.

So, for all of my friends who have supported Bernie, I salute your passion and your conscience.  We are not finished!

I will continue to support him, and I await to hear what he would wish for us to do if he does not win the nomination, and I ask you do not surrender your hope.  The issues we fight for are eternal and immortal.

In the wake of the NY primary… please remember that his ideas, and his hopes for our children and how he wishes for us to hope for his children remains impossible to silence… No matter what happens this primary season.

As I prepared to write this in the hope that hope would remain for those feeling it slipping away through the grasp of common sense, I had this particular exchange with a friend who supports Hillary.  My friend shares my love for the Earth and is likely incapable of harming a fruit fly on his worst day.  It is an exchange about the benefit of setting a fire to create a revolution that takes down our Oligarchy– with care and compassion…


We can unite.  We only borrow the Earth from our children.  Let us start there.


Your friend and Bernie Sanders supporter,

Steve Rothrock, American News X

PS. Hillary began working to get vast and unprecedented support from the DNC a long time ago to run within the *Establishment* of the party that Bernie is now seeking the nomination from to become our president. He is railing against that establishment underneath their tent.

Is any Sanders’ supporter actually shocked that the party establishment is resistant to losing power to this uprising?

The DNC is not curious about Bernie and his ideas.

They are truly pissed.

This is not, and should not, be a surprise to anyone…

PPS. Violence Never Rises. It flows downstream to someone physically weaker and more vulnerable. It is never a solution and is the reason why if we remain inured and not vigilant we create the very dangers we fear the most.

PPPS. The girl in Alabama who needs her reproductive rights protected has only heard of Hillary, and she needs them kept safe, and that is also that… She has never heard of Noam Chomsky or our perma-wars.  She needs to be safe tonight. Her support her Hillary in her heart is just as valid as our support for Bernie.

Nothing is easy…

We cannot let ourselves be divided by color, creed or absence of compassion.

Bernie Sanders Ad – TOGETHER

You just have to ask, “What is it you truly desire?”

Alan Watts – What do you desire? The Question. Richard vWyk

Vote Progressive.

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