Trump PAC Busted Bragging About Voter Suppression Campaign vs Blacks And Women (VIDEO)

Voter fraud has been the ‘rallying cry’ behind many GOP and Trump campaign speeches over the past few years. This despite the most credible investigations into the matter repeatedly show that the ‘problem’ is so minor it really doesn’t deserve any attention. The last such survey found about 30 cases in about 1 billion (not a misprint) votes.

Voter suppression, on the other hand, is a very real thing. It has been as long as there has been voting. In the last 40 something years, however, it has been a tool of choice for the GOP. It started with the ‘southern strategy‘ during the Nixon years. The strategy has been refined over the years and utilized by just about every nominee of the GOP since Nixon.

The methods were always done with a wink and a nod. Messengers would put out ‘dog whistles’ in vague language, but they knew the ‘right message’ would reach the ‘right’ (white) people.  From ‘The Nation;’

In 1980, Ronald Reagan opened his presidential campaign at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi—a few miles from where three civil-rights workers had been murdered in the 1960s. Reagan announced his intention “to restore to the states and local communities functions which properly belong there.” That is Dixie’s euphemism for opposing racial integration. In 1988, George H.W. Bush smeared Michael Dukakis with his notoriously racist “Willie Horton” ads. In 1990 in North Carolina, Senator Jesse Helms ran for reelection against Harvey Gantt, a black former mayor of Charlotte, with a provocative ad attacking affirmative action.

In 2008, when Americans elected our first black president, most of the heavy smears came after Barack Obama took office. Grassroots conservatives imagined bizarre fears: Obama wasn’t born in America; he was a secret Muslim. Donald Trump demanded to see the birth certificate. GOP leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell—who had been a civil-rights advocate in his youth—could have discouraged the demonizing slurs. Instead, McConnell launched his own take-no-prisoners strategy to obstruct anything important Obama hoped to accomplish.

Apparently, the time for subtlety, nuance, and vague dog-whistle euphemisms is over.  A pro-Trump PAC, called ‘The Great American PAC’ has been recently found to be bragging about their voter suppression techniques. Their ‘strategy’ not only involves blacks, but women as well. Their goal? To throw as much mud at Hillary Clinton just to reduce their turn-out by a few points. The way they actually brag about the venture is jaw-dropping.

Jesse Benton is seen below being ery proud of their methods which are designed to ‘take their taste for her away.’

Check it out for yourself, below …

The Telegraph also reports that aside from this PAC’s southern strategy methods, the Trump campaign itself is engaged in actively trying to suppress more votes by sending ‘their people’ into minority districts and ‘challenge’ voters. Some might take that as a less than subtle way to describe illegal voter intimidation;

Separately, Mr. Trump’s own claims that the election is “rigged” and that his supporters should monitor specific areas on polling day for potential fraud have been alleged by Democrats to be intended to create a climate of harassment to prevent Clinton voters “from showing up.”

Of course, there is only one way to beat a voter suppression campaign … vote anyway.


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