Samantha Bee Sheds Light On The Impact Of Trump’s Continuous ‘Voter Fraud’ Nonsense (VIDEO)

This week Samantha Bee returned to her ‘Full Frontal’ show on TBS to take on two types of myths. The myths of ‘massive voter fraud’ via people ‘impersonating’ others (wich doesn’t really happen) and the myth that anything that comes from Donald Trump’s mouth is at all truthful.  She starts of course, with The Donald and his absolutely false claim about three million ‘illegal voters’ casting votes against him. That, he claims, cost him the popular vote. Unfortunately for his claim, not only a lack of evidence, the people who did the survey Trump cites as ‘evidence’ have told him directly he is wrong and misinterpreted their results — at best.

That, unfortunately, doesn’t stop all of Trump’s newfound friends and surrogates to keep either repeating his lie or playing dumb when asked to admit it is a bunch of bunk.

Samantha Bee, of course, reminds everyone how baseless is claims are in less than a minute. In fact, in that short minute, she can take the lie all the way back to the Heritage Foundation in the early 1980s where they brag about voter suppression — especially ‘democrat’ voter suppression.

Of course, ‘the media’ (whatever that means these days) as Bee points out, seems to be fine in not being the watchdog that they are supposed to be and instead keep getting suckered into promoting his nonsense.  To put the ‘argument’ to rest, she takes some time to expose how all this talk about ‘massive voter fraud’ has led to ‘investigations’ in the media all based on something ‘republicans made up.’

She then shows the results of all this promotion of nonsense when she shows a CNN segment where a lady not only swears up and down that the ‘three million illegal voters’  is true, but that she ‘heard it in ‘the media.’ When pressed, she swears she heard it on CNN. Bee then closes her case on the point that no one ‘that she trusts’ like say, Paul Ryan or other respected party leaders who are now playing along with Trump’s nonsense. Ryan is shown ‘playing dumb’ to the voter fraud claim like he had never heard such a thing and isn’t ‘focused on it.’

In case anyone wonders if letting all these lies just float around out there won’t have any real world consequences, Sam Bee has 1 word for you — Pizzagate.

Of course, Bee tells this story of votes, lies and playing dumb with just enough snark to keep us smiling but with all the facts to keep us informed. Check out her great segment on the subject below;

This path is simply unsustainable. Whether it is supporters parroting lies and creating an ignorant populace or people going to a pizza parlor with automatic weapons to look for a mythical sexploitation ring, This continuous barrage of lies and conspiracy theories is starting to have real world consequences, and this is just the beginning — the infancy.


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