Rachel Maddow Blows The Lid Off Of What Is Really Behind The FBI Clinton Trashing (VIDEO)

Watch Maddow perfectly dissect what is really happening in the awesome video below the article.

Since James Comey’s vague letter about emails was made public last week by allies of the Trump campaign within the GOP, people are finally starting to notice all the ‘connected dots’ between the conspiratorial alt-right movement and the inner workings of the Trump campaign.

And it isn’t just distant dots being speculated about and all the usual stuff — these dots are all right next to each other.

Rachel Maddow to the rescue — but is it too late to get this word out before the alt-right successfully takes over our government?

In an excellent dissection, Maddow goes through the histories of all the people who are now running Trump’s campaign.

It starts with billionaire and conservative activist, Robert Mercer. He has a SuperPAC called ‘Keep The Promise.’ Who did Mercer put in charge of running the show? Kellyanne Conway. She of course, eventually needed to leave that job to take charge of the Trump campaign as its manager. The person who replaced her was David Bossie. A short time later, Bossie amazingly became the Deputy Campaign Manager working directly under Conway.

Mercer is also, according to Maddow, the principal funder behind Breitbart.com. Looking at the people he puts in charge there, one is Steven Bannon — now Trump’s ‘Campaign CEO.’ Was it a coincidence that Conway and the head of Breitbart.com both came over to run Trump’s campaign at the same time? So we have the three top people in the Trump campaign from organizations all funded by the same hedge fund zillionaire. But wait, there’s more.

Mercer also funds a right-wing activist group called the ‘Government Accountability Institute.’ Who runs that organization? Two people, Bannon and another Breitbart big-wig, Peter Schweitzer.

Schweitzer wrote a book, called Clinton Cash. A book that the alt-right loves as it is filled with just about every Clinton conspiracy theory ever dreamt up by anyone with a pulse. Everyone else has debunked the book as pretty much a tin-foil-hat adventure in delusions and spite. That didn’t stop this crew from turning it into a movie. The movie was funded by Mercer and produced by Bannon.

As you can see, these dots aren’t some obscure distant relationship, but all standing figuratively and literally next to each other and now are surrounding Donald Trump.

Why does this matter?

Fast forward to the Comey letter that vaguely explained some ‘re-examining’ of the emails and Fox News’s big announcement that the Clinton Foundation is being investigated and will more than likely be indicted. On the latter, it has become known that the FBI’s ‘evidence’ was the big book of lies and propaganda known as ‘Clinton Cash.’

Furthermore, there is strong evidence that people in the New York FBI office are feeding info directly to the Trump campaign. What is that evidence? Check out Rudy Giuliani (in the video below) bragging two full days before Comey’s letter about a ‘big announcement’ that would come out of that office that would be great for the Trump campaign. Two days later was Comey’s letter.

One does not have to be a master puzzle-solver to connect these dots.

Also, as Maddow puts it — ‘it is one thing to cook up dubious conspiracy theories and fling them at your opponent. It is another to cook up dubious conspiracy theories and have the FBI fling them at your opponent.’

Reports from Reuters, The Guardian, and others, according to Maddow, are now pouring in that describe parts of the FBI that are ‘hostile’ to Clinton and that the FBI has become ‘Trumpland.’

Yes, folks, this is scary stuff. If Trump prevails on Tuesday, it could get a whole lot scarier.

This is a little longer than most of the clips we share, but it is a very important one — so please, check it out and spread the word;

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com




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