Political Hack Deal: Trump Rails Against Rigged And Crooked Caucus System In Colorado

In reaction a change in the Rules of the Republican Party, requiring a state’s delegates to support the candidate who wins the caucus vote, The GOP executive committee voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference caucus poll in Colorado in August of 2015. Colorado was the only state to “forfeit a role in the early nomination process,” leaving their 37 delegates free to pick their own candidate, and to change their minds at will. Was this all done to give Cruz an advantage over Trump, in a party that is being torn apart by the Donald, as he continues to wipe away all traces of the facade that the GOP has always tried to maintain? Trump has unquestionably exposed the party for their flagrant pandering to ignorant, racist, misogynist bigots, because they are eating up Trump’s not-even-slightly concealed messages. Finally, they have a candidate that speaks for them in no uncertain terms, however lowbrow those terms happen to be.

Even though the rules were changed in an incredibly suspect way quite a while ago, Trump was outraged after learning that Cruz had swept up all the delegates over the weekend of the 9th and 10th. Over a million Colorado voters were also completely discounted in the process-their votes didn’t mean anything at all in this sham of a process. Trump called it, “Crooked” and “Rigged” and made the comparison to what’s happened with Bernie Sanders, who also has won in many states, and yet is being downplayed as a serious contender for the nomination by many in the media.

See the interview with an indignant Trump here:

Rather humorously, on tedcruz.org, Ted reveled in his win in Colorado: 

Today was another resounding victory for conservatives, Republicans, and Americans who care about the future of our country. Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and tonight’s incredible results in Colorado have proven this: Republicans are uniting behind our campaign because they want a leader with real solutions who will bring back jobs, freedom, and security.

This election is about the hope that our children can still have a more promising landscape of opportunity than generations past. It’s about bringing together Americans from all backgrounds who know that we will be stronger, more prosperous, and infinitely more free if we return power in Washington back to the people. So that Americans are free to create better jobs, live and worship freely, and once again proudly defend ‘the last best hope of earth.

Thank you, Colorado, and we ask moms and dads, students and retirees across this country to join us so that together we make this election a turning point for the nation.

Apparently Ted didn’t see the complete and utter irony in making his grand statement about bringing the power back to the people, while simultaneously celebrating a win that was only made possible by purposefully keeping the people from voting in the state that he won. Yeah…that’s no win Mr. Cruz.

The voters in Colorado  are now stunned by the realization the party that they thought represented them all these years, has swept them aside like so many crumbs on the floor. Incensed Republican voters in the state have taken to youtube, venting about their frustrations, and vowing not to vote Republican again. In Colorado Springs, a Republican man was so furious with his complete dismissal by his own party that he burned his voter registration in his video and quit the party, stating, “to hell with the Republican party.”

“I will not be forced to vote for somebody that I don’t want to.” See the video here:


As liberals, we have remarked for decades how the party that claims to represent the little people in America has been doing anything but representing their voters with their actions. So for many of us, the barefaced, shameless disregard of the voters comes as none too shocking. Apparently, it may take this kind of event for many GOP voters to reach the stage of noticing that when it comes down to it, they are expendable altogether. On the other hand, can you blame the Republican Party for attempting to save face after Trump went and revealed its repulsive visage for all to see? It must be something like standing in witness of a sinister elephantine swine that you hadn’t realized was always there. If it were a snake, it would have bit them, and it turns out it really is. The bite has a venom that may take years to take its full affect, but it’s been there eating away at their livelihoods all along.

Meanwhile, Trump again serves a purpose of exposing something that we too have long ignored: The impotent caucus, and delegate system. Who the heck knows what that’s all about? The mystery of it all is ephemeral and mystical. Why in the living hell do we have people called, “superdelegates.” Why aren’t the actual people the ones who decide who gets to be President? Has this system finally become so blaringly bureaucratic that something will be done about it? Each time we have a major election, everybody seems to discuss how ridiculous it seems to be, but it never changes. That’s certainly why, in part, so many people are disgusted with politics in the U.S., and why political outsiders like Trump have gained ground. The saddest part of all is that he stands to be the most destructive of all in his approach to leadership, and yet resonates with so many people in the GOP base.

I have news for you, Republicans, Trump is not interested in changing things in your favor, either.  I hope he’ll at least wake you up to the fact that you have been manipulated and deceived by the Republican Party, and the system that elects our next President. We can join forces and change that, but for now, we need to elect somebody who actually cares about, “We the People.”

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