Eric Holder, Obama, Team Up To Fight Corrupt Republican Gerrymandering

Former President Obama, Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Gerrymandered map of Atlanta, Georgia

America’s elections are rigged. Trump knows it. We know it. Republicans know it. The difference is that Republicans are now in power and continuously working to rig the system in their favor by means of gerrymandering and voter I.D. laws. Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Obama are fighting back by supporting the National Democratic Redistricting Committee as even now the GOP makes more gerrymandering power grabs –this time in Georgia.

America’s demographics show a country where minorities are at the tipping point to becoming majorities by as soon as 2022. Republicans are predictably and unethically (though legally) using any means necessary to quell the power shift. Gerrymandering has now gone high-tech. A Republican can simply pick their voters on an iPad using the same technology that allows Amazon to map out who buys what in your neighborhood. They can then govern from the minority, with no mandate. One program they use is called Maptitude, used to simply change boundaries in their favor by using data such as magazine subscriptions.

“We are the only Democracy in the world that allows politicians to choose their own voters.”  ~David Daley, former editor in chief, Salon

For a great crash course in gerrymandering, watch the short video below from Fusion:

Today, Eric Holder is blasting Republicans for gerrymandering Georgia districts to “benefit sitting lawmakers.” Holder recently began the National Democratic Redistricting Committee with support from former President Obama to combat the gerrymandering issue. He told the Associated Press that Republicans in the Georgia House are planning to move black voters out of swing districts in metro Atlanta. The new district boundaries are pending in the state Senate.

Savannah Republican Ben Watson is defending the gerrymandering, by pointing out that redistricting is a longstanding tradition, rendering future Senate votes merely a formality. “We don’t alter theirs, and they don’t alter ours,” Watson said. In effect, this means shifting inconvenient Democratic voters out of Republican districts. African American precincts are routinely targeted with clear racial bias.

The NDRC was created in 2016 “to build a targeted, state-by-state strategy that ensures Democrats can produce fairer maps in the 2021 redistricting process.” The Committee website points to the most important turning point for the future of the Democratic Party in 2021: when states redraw their Congressional and state legislative lines.

Having a plan of attack on the gerrymandering issue will determine whether or not Democrats can ultimately win back some control and if America’s governance begins to represent the people rather than a Republican minority with no mandate.

Former President Obama identified the NDRC as the “main focus of his political activity once he leaves office” in October of last year.

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Holder talks about the NDRC and the rigged system of gerrymandering in the short video below:

Featured image: United States House of Representatives, Georgia District 4 map, Wikipedia combined with Wikimedia Commons images of Holder and Obama

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