Trolling Trump, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Reacts To His Vacation Plans, It’s Brutal

vincente fox trolls trump vacation

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada most likely has some idea of the rigors of being a president. So, when he decides to troll our current White House dweller with the truth, it carries some weight.

It is well known that at this point in Trump’s presidency, he has already had three times as many leisure days as President Obama. So, of course, Trump is leaving on a 17-day “working” vacation. (Don’t we all wish we could get 17 days of paid vacation after 6 months on a job with three times the average “leisure days?”)

In response to this perceived lack of work ethic by another president, Fox tweeted out Friday:

“.@realDonaldTrump leaving on vacation, huh? What for? If you’re not happy with your job, just leave. After all, it was never for you.”

One would suppose that if Trump was “happy” with this job, he’d perhaps do more of it? Maybe a little less golf and tweet-storming? Perhaps the vacation has something to do with the “dump,” that Trump has denied calling the White House, being renovated. The HVAC, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is scheduled for “significant renovations.”

According to the Hill:

Trump’s “working vacation” at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. will also see his staff leave the West Wing while the White House undergoes significant renovations, including repairs to the heating, ventilation and air conditions (HVAC) system.

It really makes it difficult not to picture Trump whining that the room won’t cool down enough for him and Melania upset that the climate isn’t up to her “penthouse expectations.” Sure it’s conjecture, but while not meaning to be mocking, it may deserve consideration: factually, he is one of the “fattest” presidents we’ve ever had. It is also worth noting that women tend to be comfortable in slightly warmer rooms than men do and honestly, anyone used to opulent privilege would likely notice even the slightest defect in something like the heat/air conditioning.

But back to Fox’s tweet: The final line deserves due time. Does it refer to Russia’s decision to push an influence campaign to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Trump win the election? Does it refer to him not actually winning the election, having lost by almost 3 million votes to Clinton but winning on a technicality that disenfranchised millions?

Either way, what seems to stick out is that the whole world knows that Trump is in a position that he obviously did not earn or win on his own and he can’t even do it for 6 months without three times the vacation the last President took. The worst part, it is an embarrassment to all Americans that this is so. In Trump’s favorite vernacular: SAD!

Featured image via Flikr, Gage Skidmore, CC 2.0

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