Van Jones: ‘Liberals Have To Be Better’ (VIDEO)

van jones women's march on washington
Van Jones' Women's March speech is one we should all hear.

The idea that ‘liberals have to be better’ upsets some of us, but perhaps it’s time we all take heed. By far, conservatives have the longer way to go to live up to who they profess to be, but if we want to be who WE profess to be, we can’t be blind to that which makes us vulnerable.

Van Jones, speaking at the women’s March on Washington, and nailed it with this line:

“When it gets harder to love, let’s love harder.”

So, we must love the liberals enough to say we have to be better, too. Yes, we need to fight, and we need to be stronger than we were. We, perhaps, have been too polite, too PC, or too weak. But the fact is that, in the words of Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station, “Either we are the people we say we are, or we are not.” There is no gray area here. Hypocrisy isn’t exclusively a GOP disease. We don’t have to be kind to be strong, but we can be, even though it takes a hell of a lot more strength. If we abandon our principles, our values, we have lost who we are.

If we allow the rift in the left to continue to split us, we have already lost.

Trump is an American nightmare. But as Jones put perfectly, a bad vote doesn’t make a bad person. Yes, some Trump voters are bad people. Some are Nazis and white supremacists and those deserve no quarter. Some are racists, and sexists and some are down-right evil. Some really are just stupid. And some, I assume, are good people.

That last sentence, if it rings a bell, is where the hypocrisy begins. There are bad, evil, and racist people in about every demographic. Liberals and Progressives still stand up for their rights; we still stand up for their dignity and we still fight for their welfare. We are them. We are all Americans, and we will all suffer under this administration; unless of course, we are already rich.

“We are all Muslims. We are all Mexican. We’re all women. We’re all AMERICANS. Yes, and we are all gay, and lesbian and bisexual and transgender and goddammit, we are all queer too.”

Michael Moore

The good news is that liberals have had a lot of experience being attacked for standing up for what is right: we never did back down and we aren’t going to start now. We are not “Snowflakes,” we do not melt. Liberals and Progressives have the strength, the determination, and the will to stand up for all of them, even those that voted against their best interests. Even those that are about to be thrown under the bus by the very administration they believe will make them great again.

Watch Van Jones NAIL this issue, here:

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