Uranium One is not a Scandal

There is no Uranium One scandal.  There never was, there isn’t and there never will be an investigation into the sale of mining rights to uranium in the US.  If you believe this you’ve fallen prey to either conservative media trying to get you riled up or Russian trolls working to get you to scream about how evil Hillary is.

The Basics.

Peter Schweizer, a Breitbart contributor and author started this nonsense when he suggested that in exchange for about $145 million in donations to the Clinton foundation Hillary Clinton approved the transfer of Uranium reserves to new Russian owners.  The Trump campaign seized on this and used it twice during the campaign.

Why it’s not true.

The deal was not Hillary’s to approve or deny.  There are nine federal agencies on the committee that approved the sale and the State Department was one of them.  State could suggest approval or denial but the final approval belongs to the President.  All nine had to approve the transaction before it could go forward.  And Hillary might not have even seen the transaction.  The Assistant Secretary of State was the one who sat on the committee.

Then there’s the issue of removing uranium from the US.  You have to have a special license to do it and neither Uranium One or it’s owner, Rosatom, have such a license.  So no uranium is going anywhere.  They own it and more to the point they own the right to mine it but they can’t take it anywhere.

Of the $145 million that supposedly was paid to facilitate this deal, $131.3 million came from one man, Frank Giustra, the company’s Canadian founder.  However, he sold off his interest in the company in 2007.  That’s three years before the Russian deal and 18 months before Hillary became Secretary of State.

Uranium One is not a scandal

It’s not a scandal, it’s not an issue.  It’s a lie.  It’s an outright lie.  Anyone that takes more than thirty seconds to read more than a paragraph can find this out.  But it fits the narrative that Republicans want.  That is, that Hillary is evil, corrupt and a criminal.  Until there’s some evidence (after NINE Republican-led committees you’d think there would be some if there were some to find) Republicans should stop saying it and for god’s sake stop throwing this one out.  It’s just not true.

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