UK Set To Debate Trump’s Banishment From The British Isles

George W. Bush had a real knack for pissing off people from other countries almost as frequently as he did the American left wing. Anyone out there who may doubt my claims would only need to type “George W. Bush Shoe” into google to see that I am not fabricating any of this. Yes, President George W. Bush remains the only president in U.S. history to piss off foreigners to the point that an angry Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at him during a press conference. However, as much of a repulsive, twit as Dubya absolutely was, he never to my knowledge had a country convene to discuss his banishment from a┬ácountry.

This thought brings us to Donald Trump.

Apparently, the Republican party’s front-runner for the 2016 presidential nomination has successfully gotten under the skin of a lot of British people with some of the ridiculous statements he has made recently. From my limited understanding of British politics, if a petition gains at least 100,000 signatures it is brought to the floor of parliament for debate. The petition for Trump’s banishment was signed by upwards of 500,000 citizens of the UK. In contrast, a second petition claiming that Trump’s proposed banishment is “illogical,” only received 40,000 signatures will also be discussed.

Upon receiving the news that the patron Saint to arrogant douchebags, “St. Donnie”, may be banished from the United Kingdom for hate speech, Trump’s people issued a statement reminding the British government of several resorts and a golf course which the billionaire has invested in the United Kingdom.

“Any action to restrict travel would force The Trump Organization to immediately end these and all future investments we are currently contemplating in the United Kingdom.”

Call me crazy, but that statement sure sounds like Donald Trump is attempting to extort the British government for holding him accountable to the hateful statements he has openly and freely made on the world’s stage. While I completely get the fact that Trump is under the false impression that money can solve any problem, I hope that by amassing a half a million British signatures against this idea, the British people have sent a clear enough message to Parliament that it needs to immediately dump Trump.

In retrospect, as much of a villainous criminal and an unintelligent potato as George W. Bush was when he held the office of president, I would sooner welcome the idea of a third Bush term than ever utter the horrible, unthinkable phrase “President Donald Trump,” blech! Please, kindly leave all comments in the section conveniently provided just below and rest assured that I will be back just as soon as I finish thoroughly washing my eyes out with bleach (please do not attempt this without first purchasing “eye bleach”) as a result of reading the three horrid words which I, regretfully wrote in the previous sentence.

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Walt is a grumpy, crochety, ball busting, bitter old son of a bitch - who at the ripe old age of 64 has had enough with the manner in which the G.O.P. has been treating the only nation that he calls home. Walt is a native New Yorker, retired long-line fisherman and therefore a bit rough around the edges, he is completely pissed off with the state of the American political circus that has been created by the right-wing.Last year Walter finally decided (against his better judgement) to begin voicing his brash and uncensored opinions across the vast expanse of the internet. Walter claims that his reason for getting involved in political commentary so late in life is that he has finally realized the fact that if he doesn't voice his opinion, he has no right to complain. If this writing stuff pans out decently, Walter's next order of business is retiring someplace "tropical with plenty of nude beaches" (thanx Walter, now I need to bleach that image from my brain)opin , blech!

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