Two Guys And A Term Limits Caucus: Washington’s Best Kept Secret

The President of the United States, governors, and state representatives are bound by term limits. But members of the House and Senate can literally spend their entire lives in the same elected office. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that the worst dysfunction, gridlock and lobbying influence exists there.

In order to perpetually keep their their positions of power, members of congress spend about half of their time soliciting campaign donations from big money donors and lobbyists, instead of listening to their constituencies and actually governing.

While term limits may not end all the corrupting influence of money in politics, knowing that their time is limited might inspire lawmakers to actually make laws, instead of being professional fundraising beggars on the taxpayer dole. (Yes, you fund their paychecks, pensions and health insurance.)

The Congressional Term Limits Caucus

There is actually a bi-partisan term limits caucus in the House. At the moment, there are only two members; Republican Rod Blum of Iowa, and Beto O’Rourke, a Texas Democrat.

As Rep. Blum states on their Term Limits website:

“Our founding fathers never intended for public service to be a career, rather, serving in Congress was designed to be a temporary sacrifice made for the public good.”

This two-man caucus hopes to build consensus among their fellow lawmakers for term limits in the House and Senate, and have even created an online petition to gather public support, which you can sign here.

Watch this video to see how term limits can help end gridlock, corruption, and the power of lobbyists in Washington.

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