#TrumpYourThanksgiving Is Taking Twitter By Storm And It’s Brilliant! (TWEETS)


Twitter has been unrelenting in its mockery of Donald Trump all year and Thanksgiving is serving as no exception to the rule. Twitter users are slamming The Donald in the most hilarious ways.

Twitter Hashtag #TrumpYourThanksgiving Trolls Trump For The Holidays And Has Us In Tears

With some of Trump’s more preposterous notions of policy, there is plenty to mock.

Trump has promised to build a wall along the southern border between the United States and Mexico, promising that Mexico will pay for it. When former Mexican President, Vicente Fox was asked if Mexico would actually pay for it, Fox replied, “I am not going to pay for that f*cking wall!”

Donald Trump also promised as President that he would force all Muslims to register. This being one of the President-elect’s most horrifying propositions which have many recalling World War 2 and the atrocities committed during that time. Some of his surrogates are even using Japanese Internment Camps as a precedent for Trump’s heinous plot. George Takei has spoken out on the issue and let The Donald know that we will not stand for that ever again.

Michael Moore has also been jumping all over The Donald for his ridiculous and hate-filled jargon. Most recently Moore called out Trump on Twitter over his whining about the cast of Hamilton pleading with Vice President-elect and miniature Trump figurine, Mike Pence, for the fair and equal treatment of all Americans. Moore tweeted out “Ha! Rude? You & Pencey haven’t seen anything yet. Millions of us are going 2 be everywhere. U will not get away w/ what you’re planning 2 do.”

With all the ridiculousness that this human being is bringing into our political system, it is good to occasion a hearty guffaw at the man’s expense. Without further ado, we give you some of our favorite tweets from #TrumpYourThanksgiving and encourage you to leave your own favorites in the comment section or join in on the fun here.

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