Trumpty Dumpty And Most Of The GOP Called Out For Their Not-So-Christian Wall

Trump and his crazy wall...not very Christian at all
Trump and his crazy wall...not very Christian at all

Pope Francis, who traveled to the US/Mexico border at Ciudad Juarez, took the poignant opportunity to reflect on the immigration crisis, which has left over 5.6 million Mexican unauthorized immigrants in the US with no clear path to citizenship. One can easily argue that a path to citizenship is actively blocked by most in the GOP for a couple of reasons at least: 1) They would likely vote Democrat. 2) They are a cheap form of slave labor for the Corporations that own the Republican party. Pope Francis rather refreshingly pointed out that Donald Trump’s views on that matter are not in the Christian mold.

Donald Trump’s recent famously heinous remarks, in which he disparaged immigrants everywhere by accusing all Mexicans of being criminals, not-so-surprisingly resulted in his favorability in the polls to rise among the GOP voter base. If you can say anything about Trump, it is that he knows how to sell – and what his customers are likely to buy. It’s pretty easy to sell racism to the GOP, even right out in the open these days. Some say they think Trump’s complete disregard for political correctness makes him appear like a modern-day John Wayne. Maybe it gives those Republican voters out there a dubious hero that backs them up for their prejudicial views and makes that seem somehow more American.

Asked about Trump’s grand Wall ideas: “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.” In one statement, did Pope Francis actually call out all of those so-called Christians in the GOP voter base, and in positions of government, for their support of opposing immigration reform? This statement clearly carries a much different tone than that of almost all in the current race for President of the United States. Because virtually all, with the exception of John Kasich, are very much in favor of building a wall. Not that any wall could every be as giant and gleaming and hollow and as overinflated in proportion as the narcissist’s dream wall of Donald J.Trump.

John Kasich: “We’re gonna pick them up and we’re gonna take them to the border and scream at them to get out of our country,” he said, referring to Mr. Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and remove immigrants who entered the United States illegally. “Well that’s just crazy.”

It may well be certifiably crazy. This gleaming giant ego-extension of a wall idea of Trump’s, but the truth of the matter is that Trump has gained HUGE support because of this idea. This giant wall is an accurate representation of the mindset of those in the country who would rather react out of fear and hate than to appeal to their better natures. So Pope Francis, by pointing out that Trump is “not a Christian,” has in actuality also pointed out that all of those mindlessly rallying to the cause of impotently trying to block our Southern border without looking at reforming immigration are in fact not Christian either. Perhaps Republican Jesus would give his blessing for such an endeavor, but today’s Pope isn’t buying that version. Neither would anybody with any modicum of compassion, intelligence, or common sense.

Trumpty Dumpty Sat On a HUGE Wall
Trumpty Dumpty Sat On a HUGE Wall


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