Trump’s Rhetoric And Habitual Lying Shows The Reich Wing Is At War With Reality, Again (VIDEO)

Deja vu all over again

Back in the late 1930’s, many who were unimpressed with the doings of Adolf Hitler in Germany began to speak out. They realized that fascism was not the answer to their various problems and some had insider information on what Hitler was actually doing. Such films as Confessions of a Nazi Spy, The Mortal Storm and Meet John Doe, gave audiences a taste (albeit melodramatic) of what life was like and what could happen here, in the U.S. As of this writing, The Man in the High Castle, a hit drama series on Amazon Prime, depicts a world where the Nazis won and the ramifications of that victory.

Calling Donald Trump out as a Nazi is an old joke by now. From his first utterances of anti-racial slurs to his current opinion on foreign policies, Mr. Trump has made it his goal to offend but these days Trump is appears to be taking more and more from the Goebbels playbook of repeating a lie so often that his gullible voter base will believe that he witnessed Muslims by the thousands cheering when the twin towers fell.

Recall the 1980’s when the new buzz phrase was “Even negative publicity is still publicity?”

The point, however, is lost to many because so few believe that fascism can happen in our country. So many have been blinded by the “red, white and blue” glory speeches of past demagogues that we have let our guard down. If we are going to judge a tree by its fruits, let’s take a hard look at what Donald Trump is selling in his “immigrant bashing carnival barker side-show.”

Of course we all remember the ousting of Univision Reporter Jorge Ramos, and the subsequent reaction of a Trump employee.

The “Trump fever” must be some heady stuff since just a short time later a couple of Boston white men beat on a Latino homeless man and claimed “Trump made us do it.”


In October, at a Trump rally in Florida, this happened. Trump, sensing a trend and jumping on it with all follicles, began a campaign of isolationism and white privilege. A failed border tour had him embarrassed but undaunted. He incited his crowd of followers with his foreign policy ideas. And let’s not forget his palce in history where he stood in awed shock and watched the “Arab community’s” reaction to the fall of the Twin Towers. Rachel had tons of fun with Trumps ridiculous lies last night.

There is a string of racially charged, dubious views Mr. Trump has lined up and fired for the incitement of his base. His views on African Americans have been challenged, but Mr. Trump defends his words, if not his mental process, with the same, pompous venality. Remember that attack in Florida on a Latino by Trumps crowd?  Well, they prove to be an equal opportunity mob when they attacked a “Black Lives Matter” protester at a Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama.

The man, Activist Mercutio Southall Jr, has come out with his side of the story. So, of course, as with the Latino man attacked in Boston and the Latino protester attacked in Florida, Trump came out and apologized. Not so much. An inkling of awareness is starting to take hold around the country that we should do something about this. Mr. Trump has created a fission of racism and violence that may not be able to be contained. His supporters are quite comfortable with the racism and with the violence.

We have, in this country, become a nation of watchers.  We’re also a nation now galvanized by change and with the ability to comment on social media about this sort of blind racism. Only time will tell if that will change Mr. Trump’s method of showing his “Presidential Timber.” It’s going to be a long 11.2 months.


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