Trump’s Ignorance Of The Middle East Is Mind-Bending (Video)

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Donald Trump is certainly proving his worth as a novice of politics playing a dangerous game on the world stage. His foreign policy now has tensions between North Korea and the United States at their highest since the Korean War and his actions in Syria have left a bad taste in his Russian benefactor Vladimir Putin’s mouth. He is raising tensions in the Middle East with his abhorrent bigotry toward Muslims and it is glaringly evident that he knows nothing of the area aside from the fact that he wants to ban people who come from many nations there.

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According to Fred Kaplan at Slate:

“Trump believes that his desire for a deal puts him halfway toward achieving one and that his close friendship with Netanyahu moves him a bit closer still. He doesn’t get that Netanyahu doesn’t need or want a peace deal with the Palestinians at this point. Nor do the Palestinians; nor do the Sunni Arab countries—Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates—that Trump wants to drag along to the table.”

And Kaplan’s perspective of Trump’s delusion of grandeur is made even more evident by his comments after his meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Shortly after his meeting with Abbas, Trump held a small press conference at the White House where he made some pretty outlandish assertions.

“I also applaud the Palestinian Authority’s continued security coordination with Israel,” Trump said. “They get along unbelievably well.”

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Trump went on to express that he has seen Palestinians and Israeli’s in meetings and that he was surprised with how Palestinian and Israeli leadership were civil to each other adding “they work together beautifully.”

It’s almost like Trump has no clue that Israel is systematically oppressing Palestinians and has been caught evicting Palestinians from their homes to move in Israeli citizens. These are issues you would expect a leader of the free world to know and understand but Trump doesn’t even know American history let alone the vast, deep, and rich history of the Middle East.

We would suggest he read a book, but it seems he doesn’t even read the one or two-page executive orders he signs.

Watch the video below of Trump commenting on an issue that is so far out of reach for his intellect it leaves his tiny hands grasping at the air.


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