Trump’s First 100 Days According To Trump

Donald Trump signs executive order with "The Scream" painting as a backdrop

“No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.” – Donald Trump

Trump signing one of a record number of Executive Orders

Historians interviewed by PolitiFact have different opinions that Trump, for very good reasons.

While they agree that both the 100-day standard and the process of evaluation are both subjective, it is the same standard and criteria by which all other presidents since FDR have been measured.

Likewise, the circumstances under which a president enters office also impacts his effectiveness. Presidents who assume the mantle of leadership unexpectedly due to the death of his predecessor or immediately following a time of national crisis, have an easier time getting their agenda through congress than those after an election. But even considering all of this, Trump would have a hard time proving his claim. Perhaps that’s why the White House didn’t respond to multiple requests for input on the PolitiFact article.

Though much of the procedure is subjective, there are objective criteria to be compared.

Executive Orders. Trump’s signed more in his first 100 days than any president since WWII. But this is not a measure of leadership ability. In fact, conservatives criticized Obama hotly for his Executive Orders, even though he’s signed the least since Grover Cleveland, calling him a dictator.

Bills Signed. Trump’s signed 28 bills during his first 100 days. The highest number since 1949. Impressive. However, many of these were “housekeeping bills.” By comparison, FDR signed 76, which restarted the banking industry and provided much-needed jobs.  

Military Aggression. While Trump’s military attacks stand out for their high numbers civilian deaths, George W. Bush attacked Iraq and Obama pledged to double the number of military personnel in Afghanistan.

However, in Cabinet Sub-Appointments as well as in presenting a comprehensive and detailed budget, Trump has not kept pace with his predecessors. While his inability to repeal and replace ObamaCare while controlling both houses of congress is seen as a “terrible indictment”.

In fact, compared to any other president, Trump’s achievements are not that impressive. During their first 100 days in office:

Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act; Obama signed an $800 billion stimulus package and expanded the Children’s Health Insurance Program. President Kennedy established the Peace Corps. Ford pardoned Nixon and granted amnesty to Vietnam draft dodgers.

No matter how you slice it, Trump’s 100 days cannot even compare with his predecessors and certainly, in no way exceeds them.

As Politifact put it, when it comes to Trump’s statement:

PolitiFact meter shows historians rating of Trump’s claim

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