Trumpers Attack Michelle Obama Over Wrong Picture

Michelle Obama hijab
Michelle Obama, President Obama and King Salman

Once again, ignorance fuels an attack on Michelle Obama due to the negligent reporting of right wing bloggers. The blog the Gateway Pundit has opened themselves up for criticism by using an image that insinuates that Michelle Obama wore a headscarf in Saudi Arabia, to praise a Russia Today story saying that Melania Trump won’t wear one.

Here is Michelle Obama in Saudia Arabia:

Here is that misleading image, with the Gateway Pundit’s headline:

Facts are, however, painfully different than the conservative rag tried to portray them. The picture they used was of a visit to a Mosque in Indonesia. When entering a religious holy site, it is common to show respect to the practices of that religion.

Michelle Obama actually sparked some controversy by not wearing a head scarf in Saudi Arabia. To be fair, they never say that this picture was from Saudi Arabia they leave that up to their follower’s imagination.

It works:

Melania is reportedly not being asked to wear one.

However, back in 2015, when Michelle Obama decided that she would not cover her head for the Saudi’s comfort, Mr. Trump called it an insult to the Saudis. Not only that, he intimated that her Obama’s decision to not wear a headscarf could create enemies for the United States:

It remains to be seen if he was lying then, to attack the Obamas in any way he could, or if he will ask Melania to not insult the Saudis. However, if Melania were to chose to follow that tweet, would that be when Trump’s rabid anti-Muslim followers abandon him?

Twitter seems to say it might:

They are just going to have to get over seeing Mrs. Pence wearing one:

Sources really do matter, and this seems to be either an intentional attempt to mislead the easily led or a writer falling victim to confirmation bias and not checking out the source of an image. Either way, it is a really good reminder of why the people who voted for Trump just aren’t up to speed on current events and reality.

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Between far right propaganda sites and Fox New’s actions as the Guardians of the Fallacy, they are being reared like Mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed on bullsh*t.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons,  President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk with King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia at Erga Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 27, 2015, Public Domain

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