Trump Voters Fear A Liberal Zombie Apocalypse (Video)



So to those who support Donald Trump, this is our progressive message to you…

Your hate just masks your underlying intrinsic fears. Many of you may be low-information science-denying rage-filled bigots who have crawled out from beneath a rock of delusional disinformation into the light of day this election cycle. Many of you do seem highly motivated to openly and proudly fly your freak-out flag of hatred for anything non-white. You wear your “Deplorables” T-shirts as a badge of honor on our streets and in our shopping malls, while Trump cheers you on and incites you and your minions like a fascist demagogue.

But we are the harbinger of some really uncomfortable news.

Your homophobia, xenophobia, and bigotry have been carefully manufactured and whipped up into a maelstrom of malice fueled by the terror that you are losing a grip on your entitled “Christian”©®™ Conservative lifestyle. Cognitive dissonance abounds as you twitch and flail about foaming at the mouth crying out in desperation to “Make America Great Again.”

You confuse the Bible for the Constitution and the Constitution for the Bible, having read neither. You have outsourced your moral compass unwittingly to the monster of a facts-be-damned confirmation bias that you are righteous and superior.

You are not and you never were.

And we are what keeps you up at night in the deep dark recesses of a world that does not exist. We are what makes you clutch your gun all white-knuckled while knuckle dragging your misogyny and your misanthropic savagery to every Trump rally.

We are progressive secular humanists who believe in the equality of all the world’s people. We do not think America is sprinkled with a magic dust that makes us great. We believe the myth of American exceptionalism is dangerous. We are not voting against our interests like a herd of obedient automatons beholden to our oligarchy.

We are advocates for social, economic and environmental justice, and we are coming to infect you and your children with a passion for joining the human race as champions for us all, and not just the illusion that you are somehow uniquely special and entitled by your conservative “Christian”©®™ view of the universe.

You dread not being able to stop our liberal zombie hordes. You are beginning to realize that you were never in control.

And…because the truth actually matters… you may very well be forced someday to join the rest of the planet earth…

Or you could become extinct. It is all up to you.

However, this is the thing. You are our fellow citizens, and you must be afforded the same rights that we also desire to live a life of liberty and peace in the protection of our families and communities.

There is no liberal zombie apocalypse-seeking to hurt you or to place restrictions on your freedom. We want your children to have the same hope for their future as we wish for our children.

However, make no mistake, if you are a progressive voter who values social justice, then be aware that Donald Trump supporters fear being overrun and infected by you and that imaginary liberal zombie horde.

We know that it is easy to pick apart the low-information hatred espoused by Trump supporters living in red states around the nation. From their hefty porn viewing habits to their erroneous belief that God is rooting for them to win, they leave much on the table to rail against in what often feels like a blast of unprecedented hypocritical hatred.

But deep down inside they are terrified of us. They are terrified we will eat away at those “God-given” rights they proudly claim to cherish. They absolutely believe the conspiracies espoused by folks like Alex Jones, and they are preparing in their basements for a rainbow invasion of gay Islamic atheists (ignore the intrinsic impossibility of a Muslim atheist).

It does not matter that what they fear may sound ridiculous. It does not matter if they wrap that fright in a kevlar jacket of xenophobic rage sprinkled with misogyny and racism. The fact is they are truly frightened.

On November 9th they will still be our neighbors, our family, and hopefully some of them will still be our friends. If we are going to build bridges that heal the division and mistrust between us, then we need to start with where they’re at. They see us as a horde of secular progressive zombies who want to rip out their Christmas trees and burn their Bibles. They are completely convinced that Hillary Clinton will be our flag bearer as we storm their compounds.

We have a truly difficult challenge before us if we are going to breach the divide that has wreaked such havoc on our country this election season. That challenge is in balancing the need to recognize the moral imperative we have as progressives to rise up and resist hatred while simultaneously empathizing with the reasons why they are so scared of us in the first place.

Perhaps when a Trump supporter screams “Make America Great Again!” we should ask ourselves what “great” really means to them. Perhaps what great would feel like to them is just not being so frightened all the damn time.

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Steve Rothrock, American News X

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