Trump Urges Florida Supporters To Vote On The Wrong Day (VIDEO/TWEETS)

He can't even tell the truth about Election Day!


At a rally in Panama City on Tuesday, Donald Trump urged his supporters to go out and vote on Nov. 28-20 days AFTER Election Day.

Trump’s mistake came just after he was telling the crowd that the voter registration deadline in Florida was extended due to Hurricane Matthew. What he didn’t mention is that Rick Scott – Florida’s Republican governor and chair of a Trump super PAC – tried his best to prevent that extension. Democrats sued for the extension, which was granted by a federal court to ensure that voters were given extra time to register.

Despite the extension for voter registration, Election Day is STILL November 8th. Trump may have confused Election Day with the fact that the election was 28 days away as of Tuesday.

This gaffe comes on the heels of yet another very sniffle-y debate performance, which continues to fuel rumors that Trump uses recreational drugs. While concerns over his suspected drug use continue, voter’s confidence in Hillary Clinton’s health increased recently. There was a great deal of concern regarding Clinton health after she struggled with pneumonia in early September, her performances at the debates clearly helped restore voter’s faith in her ability to handle the physical demands of the presidency.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter quickly responded to Trump’s Election day mistake.

Many tweets encouraged Trump supporters to do exactly what Trump urged-vote on the 28th.

I’m not sure what Misha Collins eating lunch has to do with it, but he’s definitely easier on the eyes than Donald.

Trump can’t even get one of the most basic parts of campaigning for the presidency correct even at this extremely late date. It’s pretty clear that from here on out the fact checkers are going to have to work really hard as even words like “a, an and the” become suspect when Trump utters them.


Featured Image: YouTube screen shot


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