Trump Supporters To Lose Out The Most Under Trumpcare

Trumpcare will destroy seniors

It’s no secret that many Republican voters tend to vote against their own interests when election time rolls around the corner. Many low-to-middle income conservative voters in red states were outraged when it came to the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), perhaps due to the idea that they were subsidizing medical services for the less fortunate.

The fact is, however, many of these Middle America conservatives are the less fortunate, and it turns out they’ll have the most to lose under the new GOP Obamacare repeal, and its hastily assembled replacement plan, Trumpcare.

According to a new Upshot analysis, provided by The New York Timesthe majority of voters previously eligible for tax credits that helped them cover the high cost of health insurance premium were Trump supporters who will receive at least $1,000 less with the new Republican plan.

Voters hit the hardest by the GOP plan — those who would have received $5,000 more in tax credits with Obama care — voted for the new White House Resident by a majority of 59 percent to 36 percent, according to the analysis.

Chart via NYT.

The analysis was based on data from the Kaiser Family Foundation and Cooperative Congressional Election Study (C.C.E.S.), which surveyed tens of thousands of Americans. Estimates provided by Kaiser on whether voters would gain or lose under the new Republican Trumpcare plan were based on income, age, and insurance market.

The C.C.E.S. post-election survey asked individuals about how they voted in the 2016 election and then asked about their health care plans. The two sets of data were compared to provide a picture of how each individual in the survey would gain or lose under the plan.

Although any survey comes with some anomalies, Kaiser discovered that, overall, the Republican plan would provide less coverage for both low-income and older Americas, particularly in rural areas: groups that backed Trump in the 2016 election and most likely got him elected.

Further analysis shows that many of the white working class Americans who voted for Trump made too much to qualify for the Medicaid expansion, but don’t make enough money to purchase their own insurance.

Particularly hit hard will be Americans over the age of 50. Older Americans access their health care providers more frequently due to age-related medical issues, and premiums for them are generally much higher. Obamacare capped the premium cost for older patients at three times the cost of that for younger customers. The new GOP plan lifts the cap to five times the cost, penalizing the 50-65 demographic for taking good care of their health from middle age into retirement, when they qualify for Medicare. For this reason, the AARP has been outspoken about its opposition to the bill.

Rural Americans will also be hit hard by the GOP health care plan. Obamacare calculated tax credits based on the cost of insurance in the local area. The Republican plan gives a flat rate credit. However, since premiums are higher in less populated areas due to the lack of competition and smaller pool of insurees, rural voters — many of which supported Trump and other Republicans in the 2016 election — will find that their tax credit subsidy doesn’t cover as much of their premiums.

The chart below from the Times shows a comparison across the country and how it will affect those in rural areas and less populated states by cutting the health care tax credits.

Chart via NYT.

According to Fortune magazine, the AARP isn’t the only group fighting back against this disastrous plan. The American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Hospital Association (AHA) is also piling on with criticism.

It’s ironic that the Trumpcare plan will do so much to hurt older Americans, many of whom overwhelming supported Donald Trump and his Obamacare repeal in November. A majority of older Americans voted for Trump and other Republicans, and they’ll be the ones who pay the most dearly for that vote when it comes to health care.

Particularly for middle-aged Americans: those whose health care needs have risen with age but who are too young for Medicare. Business Insider states that in this demographic — 50-64 years old — 53 percent voted for Trump, and 44 percent for Clinton.

Chart via Business Insider.

Considering the rising need for health care services in this age group during a time in their lives when saving for retirement is a top priority while full-time employment becomes less secure, middle-aged Americans who voted for Trump and Trumpcare really shot themselves in the foot.

Featured image via Coombessy, Pixabay

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