Trump Supporters Already Feeling Buyer’s Remorse As Loss Of Healthcare And Social Security Looms


Trump ran on a platform of undoing everything the Obama administration had done. This includes gutting the healthcare reform bill that has been to the great benefit of millions of Americans.

Not only does he intend to kick millions off of coverage that found solace in the expansion of Medicaid, he also plans to privatize that program to the great joy of for-profit healthcare businesses in the United States.

What’s That Lassie? Somebody Voted Republican And Now They’ve Fallen Down An Economic And Healthcare Well? Too Bad There Aren’t Any Subsidies To Help Them Out.

We can only hope at this point that there are enough moderate and civil Republicans out there that realize the error of their ways when this legislation starts hitting the House and Senate.  If a bill comes across his desk gutting these much-needed programs, Trump will likely sign it into law.

Some “patriots” on Twitter that so adamantly supported Trump now seem taken aback by his promises to cut their assistance programs. They must have just thought that it would only be the “libtards” that would get their benefits cut or that only liberal grandparents and veterans would be left out in the cold without social security income or medical assistance.

Sorry, but when the poor and middle class suffer in this country, we all get to do it together. There isn’t a political ideology in the drinking water that says only people of the Sioux Tribe have to drink water contaminated by the Dakota Access Pipeline. There are 6 million people that get to suffer through that. Much like with assistance programs; just because you didn’t like somebody else getting them doesn’t mean you get to keep yours when the programs get dismantled by the monstrosity you put into office.

Some are also upset that their bigoted hope of kicking all the brown people out may not come to fruition as well. Big surprise to see Ann Coulter among them.

One group Trump intends to keep subsidies around for? Corporations seem to be in for a big money grab as illustrated by the deal struck up by Don the Con. According to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Carrier is going to take home a whopping 700 thousand dollars a year over the next decade for only off-shoring some of their workforce.

These realizations of Trump supporters are bitter-sweet as they seem to be slowly realizing they elected a con-man and swindling crook to the highest position of power on Earth.


Where none of these people listening to him during the general election? Do people even listen to policy and think critically anymore? It would appear not as the buyer’s remorse hits home in a very big way,

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