Trump Caught Repeatedly Soliciting Illegal Donations From British And Other Foreign Pols (Tweets / Screenshots)

The Trump campaign is losing ground daily to Hillary Clinton but it may have a bigger problem in the form of  spamming illegal email donation solicitations to members of Parliaments of several foreign countries.


It has become pretty well known how ham-handedly Donald J Trump was in his comments after the BREXIT vote last week. Trump seemingly was rooting for the markets to crash because it would be ‘good for business’ at his golf course, which he was there to celebrate its opening. He also made the mistake of praising the Scottish people for voting for their independence, when the nation just voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union.

All that might pale in comparison to what Trump and his campaign were doing behind the scenes.

As Trump was making inaccurate and reckless comments in public, back in the trenches apparently the campaign has been allegedly sending solicitation emails to members of foreign leaders and pols.  In case you were wondering, yes, that is very illegal under federal election laws.

According to a report from;

It’s unclear why Trump’s emails have landed in the inboxes of members of foreign parliaments, but doing so intentionally would be against laws prohibiting campaigns from soliciting or accepting donations from foreign nationals.

The campaign has not responded to requests for comment.

“Donald Trump should have known better,” said Paul S. Ryan, deputy executive director of the Campaign Legal Center. “It is a no-brainer that it violates the law to send fundraising emails to members of a foreign government on their official foreign government email accounts, and yet, that’s exactly what Trump has done repeatedly.”

“Emailing fundraising requests to foreign addresses should have been a big red flag for the Trump campaign,” added Brendan Fischer, associate counsel for CLC, “but the campaign apparently didn’t conduct the minimal diligence the law requires to avoid running afoul of the foreign solicitation ban.”

The Campaign Legal Center, a K-Street watchdog organization, has filed a complaint with the FEC over the emails.

The legalities of the matter could take months or even years to sort themselves out. Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath, Trump is getting some nasty feedback for his attempts to solicit from members of Parliment from Britain and other foreign countries including Australia, Canada, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. 

One British MP, Natalie McGrarry, sent the Trump campaign an email that simply dresses the reality TV show star turned politician down;

One British MP's scathing response to Trump's solicitations.
One British MP’s scathing response to Trump’s solicitations.

‘Given his rhetoric on migrants, refugees and immigration, it seems quite extraordinary that he would be asking foreign nationals for money,’ she continued, ‘especially people who view his dangerous divisiveness with horror.’

McGarry added that the thought of a ‘reactionary type’ like Trump as President was both ‘surreal and terrifying.’ She also later showed the source of the email, which does appear to match up with one from the campaign. Trump’s campaign has yet to comment on the situation.

For those who believe in Karma, it might be said that after attacking Hillary Clinton over her private email server, Trump may have an email scandal of his own.




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