Trump Presidency Already Costing Taxpayers More Than Any Other Administration

Trump Tower New York

Trump’s presidency is already gearing up to be the most expensive in US history thanks to Melania Trump’s demand to stay in New York at Trump Tower.

The total cost to American taxpayers is downright staggering.

De Blasio requests $35 million to provide security for President-elect Trump in New York

After the most expensive campaign in history, we may now be seeing the most expensive presidency.

The Secret Service is currently in talks to lease two floors at Trump Tower to house 250 agents. That projected cost alone is 3 million dollars just for the lease not including salary or living expenses. That Trump is profiting off of housing his own security is despicable indeed. Trump is already costing the city of New York 1 million dollars a day according to CNN. The cost of protection is now an entitlement that Trump’s adult children are fully utilizing.  Top this all off with Mayor Bill de Blasio requesting 35 million from the Obama administration to stem the tide of costs incurred by New York City and we are looking at a total bill of near half a billion dollars.

“New York City taxpayers should not be on the hook for 80 percent of the national bill to protect our president-elect and his family’s residence,” de Blasio said in a statement. “We are counting on Congress to step up in the coming months to pay back what it owes our city. This is a national responsibility and the burden cannot fall alone on our city and police department.”

“We will be continuing very aggressively in the next few days — calls and meetings with members of the Obama administration and Congress – to nail down the reimbursements for the time between Nov. 8 and Jan 20. That will be the responsibility of the current administration.”

All because Melania Trump wants their youngest son Barron Trump to go to school in New York. Had this been the Obama’s abusing government power in such a way, Republicans would be out for blood. Obama couldn’t swing a golf club without attracting an outcry from right-wing media.

Now they have elected a golf course owner. 

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