Trump Manages To Turn 3 Adorable Girls Into The Creepiest Thing You Ever Witnessed (VIDEO)

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This is just jaw-dropping.

These three girls performed at a Trump rally in Florida, last night. While the girls, I am sure are sweet and nice, this song is not. It reminds me of an old mini-series that ran on network TV back in the 1980’s called ‘Amerika’ and traced the events around a fictional communist / fascist takeover of the USA. There is a scene where a boy scout looking boy gives a speech about the new nation and the beautiful dream it is. He closes by telling the crowd ‘all who oppose this wonderful dream will be crushed.’

Here, we have three lovely young ladies singing (lip-synching) lyrics that are akin to something one might expect in a Hamas video.

The ‘Freedom Kids’ lip sync (and at times seem confused on which one should be doing the ‘singing’) lines like ‘President Donald Trump knows how to make America great — deal from strength or get crushed every time.’ and ‘enemies of freedom, face the music — cmon boys take em down!’ while doing some surreal and silly ‘dance moves’ in between lines. The whole thing looks like a child beauty pageant on faux – patriotic acid. The brown kind that they warned about at Woodstock.

Check out the incredibly disturbing clip HERE;

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