Trump’s Mainstream Media Accountability Survey Backfires, ‘Bigly’

Mainstream media

Trump has been ratcheting up his attacks on the free Press of the United States proclaiming them an “enemy of the American people” after his circus show of a press conference on the 16th of February. He would like to think that the New York Times and other members of the media are failing and that nobody is watching Saturday Night Live anymore. The fact is that, after his election, the New York Times added 41,000 subscribers and Saturday Night Live has its highest ratings in 22 years. Trump’s attacks on mainstream media are simply absurd and not grounded in reality. Then again, neither is he.

Keith Olbermann, formerly of MSNBC and now reporting for GQ Magazine, had this to say in response to Trump’s attack on mainstream media.

Shortly after his blundering, oafish performance, the Trump Team sent out emails to supporters encouraging them to take a “Mainstream Media Accountability” survey.

Mainstream Media

And of course, no Trump endeavor is complete without an attempt at fleecing the public. Trump begs for a little money at the end of the survey. The lowest amount being a 35 dollar contribution to the billionaire despot.

Apparently, the survey was only for Trump supporters which would offer some pretty skewed results. Trump supporters do not approve of the free press and many don’t think they should be allowed to criticize their authoritarian fascist.

However, that plan apparently backfired much to the ire of Team Trump. Many media outlets reported on the existence of the survey it turns out, those resisting the Trump administration decided the President should hear their voice as well. This prompted Team Trump to send out yet another email begging for his supporters to turn the numbers around. Apparently, his own polls are also rigged.

Mainstream Media

So the survey was for the American people. Trump evidently doesn’t consider anyone outside of the approximately 26 percent of the United States population that actually elected him to be American. Keep that in mind in 2018 when we take back our government.

Trump’s attempt at creating an echo chamber poll so he could have something to wave around as if now his ego could be satiated has failed. Miserably. Just like his presidency so far.

We would like to invite you to take the survey here and give Trump the numbers he deserves to see and not the numbers he wants to see. We may never actually know the survey’s results since they won’t be in Trump’s favor, but we can all have a damn big smile on our face knowing he won’t be able to use them for his propaganda machine.

As always, resist.

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