Trump Pitches A Twitter-Fit Over Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Awards Home-Run Speech

Golden Globe Awards Meryl Streep

President-elect and prominent spray-tan enthusiast Donald Trump is back on Twitter making reasonable people cringe in his response to actress Meryl Streep’s epic Golden Globe Awards speech.

Showing the nation and the world how he “acts presidential”, Trump just couldn’t contain himself as he ranted and raved on Twitter like a three-year-old being told no in a grocery store. No Donnie, not everybody is going to like you or what you represent. Many will stand up and be critical and speak out.

Trump now discrediting actress Meryl Streep after her Golden Globe Awards speech. He needs a safe space.

Meryl Streep brought up the ridiculous moment the man that will soon sully our White House with his presence, mocked a New York Times journalist with a disability. Most of us can’t even imagine how that wasn’t the end of the Trump campaign as we know it.

Trump, however, has decided to completely deny his obvious and blatant mockery and disparage one of the greatest actresses to grace the screen. Trump’s supporters seem to be following along with this denial as well.

First of all, Meryl Streep has an intensity most of her younger counterparts need to take heed of and is one of the most sensational women in Hollywood.

That aside, who “grovels” like that? The only time somebody makes that body language is to insinuate or mock disability in others. We don’t need to beat around the bush about it. Denying what he did is just another way Trump looks like that kid at Toys-R-Us that didn’t get all the super cool things he wanted.

Trump needs to have his Twitter account removed. It isn’t funny. He is a national embarrassment. Then again, so are the people that voted him into office. But this is what happens when you misinform your base.

Oh to mourn the slow demise of the moderate Republican. Who would have thought one would think of Mitt Romney in a brighter light.


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