Trump Has An Excuse For EVERYTHING — Watch Keith Lampoon His 50 Most Ridiculous (VIDEO)

For progressives and liberals (and some others) Keith Olbermann’s ‘The Closer’ — a series of political commentaries by the outspoken newsman put out by GQ magazine, is becoming essential viewing. Keith’s arrival couldn’t have been more ‘on time’ when he started putting out commentaries for the series last month. In his most recent segment, Olbermann points out that Donald Trump, for years, but especially in this campaign, has an excuse for everything — but never an apology for anything. Currently, Olbermann is on ‘day 5’ of his ‘watch’ for Trump to apologise for accusing the former Miss Universe he accused of being in a sex tape when no such thing happened. The accusation did cause researchers to dig up Trump’s own appearance in a Playboy video where he sprays champagne ‘phallic style’ all over scantily clad women.

What a classy image for our next commander in chief, eh?

Keith takes a few minutes to point out Trump’s most ridiculous excuses — 50 of them. It is truly a walk down memory lane. It is also a great reminder of just how dishonest Trump is. The man can whip off lies so often and fast that fact-checkers struggle to keep up sometimes, it seems.

“Trump has an excuse for everything,” Olbermann said. “The top 50 of them? I mean…recently?” Olbermann could barely conceal the giddiness. He then listed Trump’s excuses for just about everything, including not releasing his tax returns because he was being audited,  his claim that President Obama founded ISIS, getting duped by Putin over and over and his penchant for 3 am tweets.

Yes, in Trump’s world, where Trump’s lack of any logic whatsoever means never having to say you are sorry, his excuses about being on Russian TV to his excuses for wanting to date his daughter remind us just what kind of man is seeking the Presidency.

Check out the great list by Olbermann below;

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