Trump Demands Flattering Photos ONLY! Twitter Says NO! (Hilariously)

trump airs grievances double chin
Trump tells reporters in "off the record" meeting to use flattering images of him

Donald Trump won our presidential election, so, according to NPR, he feels that the networks should use only flattering photos of him. Yes, you read that right: President-elect Trump would like the media to stop showing his double chin ’cause it just ain’t fair. He seems to believe that he should be able to dictate the manner in which he is covered by the news, otherwise he’ll refuse them equal access as he did in his campaign. He would also like them to play nice and have a “cordial and productive” relationship (while saying only what he wants us to hear).


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From NPR, a little background first and then the mocking begins:

Trump used the opportunity to admonish the network’s journalists and executives for what he said was the networks’ unfair coverage of him. But he also said he wanted to re-frame his relationship with the press and took extensive questions about policy and his intentions in office. …

He turned then to NBC, saying it’s the worst, criticizing its reporters and saying it could not even come up with a flattering picture to broadcast. His complaint: photographs showing him with multiple chins. NBC’s [Deborah] Turness replied that wasn’t true, saying it was currently using a photograph showing Trump in a very flattering way.

This meeting was supposed to be “off the record,” meaning that we, the people, won’t get to hear about that extensive “question and answer” session getting in depth with his policy and intentions. Instead, he posted a video online later talking about his transition, bypassing the press completely and leaving Americans with only what he wanted us to hear. Without any questions or concerns raised by the press for analysis or resolution of vagaries, giving his administration complete control of the coverage. (After his attacks on Hillary Clinton for not doing press conferences, this is pretty glaring, dangerous hypocrisy.)

According to NPR — who wrote an article based on an interview with an attendee to the meeting who took copious notes — he took the time to bash a reporter “in the room” who hosted a debate and was disappointed that Hillary Clinton lost. Yes, it appears he bashed a journalist for having personal feelings about the outcome of the debates.

Not only did he complain about unfair coverage and spend his Tuesday morning twitter-bashing the NY Times for not having a nice tone in their coverage, it took him two days to publically denounce the literal Nazis within the group that his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon bragged about building “a platform for.” (Though he still claims that Breitbart, the platform Bannon built for the “Altright”– a word used by fancy white nationalists — isn’t racist.) Nor has he backed off on his criticism of the Hamilton, an American Musical cast. There really isn’t much room in choosing to remain silent, or giving slow responses regarding white nationalists while attacking minorities for a “nice tone,” Mr. Trump, at least not by any honest journalist.

However, his faithful are swallowing the “lying press” line, which is horrifying.

Well, Twitter has had about enough of the tangerine tantrum king trying to bully the media into pretending he isn’t a disaster, using flattering photos, and only saying what he wants them to say.

Donald Trump poll-vaulted over our free press today to have total control the message that the American people hear. If that doesn’t make you concerned, you need to learn more about history, google the term “Luggenpresse.” On top of that, like the white spot on bird poo, is his unrelenting narcissism: he does realize this is the presidency, not a beauty pageant, right? Can you imagine his supporters if Clinton or President Barack Obama berated the press for unflattering photos?

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NOTE: This article was edited to reflect Trump’s disavowal of the Nazi group celebrating him and his statement that Brietbart is not racist from Tuesday’s interview with the NYT after this article was published. 

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