Trump Dips In The Polls Amid Continuing Backlash (VIDEO)

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I guarantee no sympathy
Can be told.
You ain’t dipped in gold.
You’ll be stoned in the street
And shown in the heat of the action,
No satisfaction!
Your time is due.
No time for you!

— FANNY: “Borrowed Time” written by Nicoel Barclay, 1971


On October 4, 2016 during the Vice Presidential Debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, a Democratic Senator from Virginia, aired out Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s dirty laundry as the latter’s running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, made a vain effort to gloss over his hateful behavior. The next day, noted that Hillary Clinton’s average showing in the polls jumped up a little from 47.5 percent as of October 1, moving three-fifths of a percentage point to 48.1 while during the same timeframe, Donald Trump’s rating in the polls lost nearly a full point, ending up at 44.2 percent.

Although Donald Trump is neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton in Arizona polls, his frequent visits to that state have inspired overkill fatigue among the Republican politicians there. One GOP operative involved with local campaigns noted:

“The general feeling’s kind of been just mystified that he keeps coming here because it seems odd to come to Arizona so much rather than going to the swing states.… It seems like there should be states they’re more worried about.

“I don’t know if it’s particularly helpful to anyone here for him to come [to Arizona]. Every time he’s come, it kind of sucks up all the energy from everything else going on. If you’re not attending [you’re asked], ‘Why not? Are you distancing yourself?’ If you are, it’s ‘Are you getting too close to him?’ It’s just kind of annoying from that perspective.””

Shortly after the debate, Seth Myers tore into Trump (see video below…) from the stage of his late-night talk show. Leaving no stone unturned, Myers remarked upon his limp excuses for his poor performance in the first Presidential Debate, his unhinged antics during a rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania in the form of botching his delivery of a nine-sentence critique of comments Hillary Clinton made about young Bernie Sanders supporters during primary season and instead mocking her recent bout with pneumonia and accusing her of having cheated on husband Bill Clinton; the obvious hypocrisy of the latter, his claim that he is smart for not paying taxes, and his loss of nearly a billion dollars in 1995.

“The only way you can call Trump a genius is if you mean it sarcastically. ‘Can you believe this genius lost $1 billion in a year?’”

The day afterward, Trump surrogate Jason Miller appeared on CNN for an interview with Alisyn Camerota. Camerota asked:

“You know, Philippines President Duterte keeps insulting the U.S. and President Obama. What would Donald Trump do if a president insulted him?”

Miller replied:

“Well, they’re not going to insult Mr. Trump the same way they have insulted President Obama.”

Allisyn Camerota laughed with incredulity.

“You don’t think that the president of the Philippines, who keeps saying he’s a lightning rod, and keeps saying outlandish things, you think that if Donald Trump were president all of that would go away?!No foreign leaders would ever insult the U.S. President?”

Indeed, Jason Miller is talking out of the side of his neck, as politicians from France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Albania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Israel, North and South Korea, Brazil, Australia and Canada have already criticized Trump for his ignorance, hateful rhetoric, capriciousness and ineptitude as a politician.

With the next Presidential debate slated to begin October 9, the stressors from the continuing backlash will no doubt affect Donald Trump’s performance therein, and his numbers in the polls will undoubtedly suffer. Naturally, he will only have brought it upon himself, as is the case with every disaster and abomination surrounding his Presidential Charge of the Light Brigade.



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