Trump Bankruptcy Reveals Chilling Details

Donald Trump is going to Make America Work Again.  He’s gonna bring back the jobs. He’s the champion of the little guy.  He understands the plight of the American worker.  He’s the most trustworthy, honest, and morally erect candidate ever.

You can read our assessment of Donald Trump’s honesty here and here.  In short, the data (not our opinion or our feeling or our bias, but the cold, hard facts) show that he is one of the biggest liars in all of current American politics.   His record of marital infidelitymisogyny, and bigotry should speak for itself when it comes to his moral rectitude.   So let’s focus here on his trustworthiness.

Donald Trump does not pay his bills. He files bankruptcy instead.

USA Today, the New York Times, Reuters, New York Magazine, among many others, have all reported extensively that Donald Trump has a longstanding history of not paying his bills.  Here are just a few examples.

  • Edward Friel Jr. did $400,000 worth of carpentry for Trump in the early 1980’s; he was never paid the final $83,600.
  • Juan Carlos Enriquez was owed more than $30,000 for painting work done for Trump’s Doral golf resort, because Trump decided he had already paid enough.
  • Guy Dorcinvil sued Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club resort because they refused to pay him his overtime for over three years.
  • Marty Rosenberg was owed $1.5 million for glass work done at Trump’s Taj Mahal.  He eventually got 70 cents on the dollar.  He’s just one of the 253 contractors to whom Trump owes $69.5 million.  Like Beth Rosser, who only recovered 30 cents on the dollar for work her dad had done.
  • Rana Williams sued Trump for $735,212 for commissions he refused to pay on real estate deals she brokered.
  • Attorney William Scherer had to sue Trump for $5,000 in legal fees in 1994.

The law firm Morrison Cohen LLP, who represented Trump against many of these lawsuits, sued Trump when he refused to pay them half a million dollars in legal fees.

How much does Donald Trump owe his workers? Lawsuits are so expensive, we may never know.

Pause.  Nobody wins a lawsuit. Even if you get your money, even if you recover all the attorney fees, the years you lose being dragged through the legal system kill you.  Not just the emotional toll, but all the lost hours of work, opening up your life to endless depositions, it’s all too much. 

I was frivolously sued for $150,000 a few years ago.  My lawyer and I estimated that it was a 99% slam dunk that I would win.  But the plaintiff’s $600/hr lawyer made it clear that he’d run up a million dollars in fees by the time it went to trial, and in that 1% chance I lost, I’d be wiped out.  So I settled, and lost a small fortune instead of a big one.  

There is no doubt in my mind that for every one of the 1,450 lawsuits filed against Trump, there are at least ten people he ripped off who didn’t or couldn’t sue him.  Forgetting punitive damages, court costs, and all that, just how much money does Trump owe Americans who did work for him and his companies? 

Let’s say that Trump owes each person who didn’t sue him an average of $25,000.  That seems a reasonable estimate between the multi-million-dollar racketeering and consumer fraud class-action cases stemming from Trump University, class-action contract disputes from his real estate development, and all the little guys to whom Trump never paid his bills.  Did you know that he never paid his bill to the USA Freedom Kids?  That story just broke.  And more are sure to come.  

The “Art of the Deal” is a fraud.

Donald Trump’s bestselling “The Art of the Deal,” portrays him as a savvy dealmaker. But his ghostwriter admits it’s a fraud.

I like round numbers, so I’m going to assume the number of people he ripped off is 15,000 (this is a conservative number given 35,000 lawsuits filed against Donald Trump).  That times $25,000 per person is $450 million that he probably owes people who didn’t sue him. 

Note that this sum is not including all the money involved in those 1,450 suits that were actually filed.  The three class-action suits from Trump University have upwards of 10,000 victims asking for their money back, ranging from $1,495 to over $60,000 a piece, probably to the tune of $100 million or more.  

The other 1,447 lawsuits, let’s say they are for another $25,000 a piece, or $36 million.  I’m sure that’s an understatement after reading this article.  

Did we mention the 200 liens against Trump’s properties because he didn’t pay plumbers and electricians and other contractors, with some as high as $1 million.  Let’s call that another $10 million he owes.  At least 100 cases of not paying real-estate taxes.  Who knows how many millions of dollars that is.  

We could go on and on but here’s the tally so far:  Donald Trump has probably ripped off hard-working Americans to the tune of $600 million, or more!  

Oh, and lest we forget the $1.5 billion that stock and bondholders have lost in Trump’s failed Atlantic City casinos.  Those are people too.

$2.1 billion ripped off from Americans like you and me.

This isn’t a sob story about rich people.  These are mostly individuals and small businesses who rely on their bills getting paid.  How many small businesses were forced into bankruptcy because of Trump?  How many people couldn’t make ends meet because of him?

Trump touts himself as the best negotiator. That’s why you should vote for him.  He will negotiate the best deals for our country.  Now you know how he actually does it.  It isn’t by driving a hard bargain that he then sticks to.  He refuses to pay the full amount for services rendered and uses the real and perceived threats of litigation to get away with it.

Now go back to his question of trustworthiness.  How he promises that he will fight for you.  He has never in his professional life fought for you.  He has never cared about you.  He has always seen you as a means to get what he wants, and he hasn’t cared what has happened to you in the process.

And he is doing it to you again, right now.

This is part 3 in a continuing series to critically examine Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

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