Tremendous Loser Gets Shellacked From Blue Tsunami Of Victory

Perhaps Trump’s Asia trip was planned in advance so that he could be conspicuously out of the country as the worst fears of Republicans came true in several key races. The tea leaves were there and it didn’t look good for Republicans with a presidential approval level in the 30s which are a historic low for any president in their first year in office. Or perhaps Trump wanted to trample on fertile new ground to prove what insufferable dullard he is after repeatedly embarrassing himself to our European allies.

At every point in his administration, Trump has made every effort to divide the nation on any particular issue that would get his compliant and gullible base to full froth. Trump has proven over and again that he is perfectly willing to implement a policy change whenever a Muslim terrorist kills people but bring up ‘extreme vetting’ for people who might want to buy an AR 15 and walk into a church and start mowing down parishioners en masse and then it’s entirely inappropriate to bring that up because the gunman was white.

Last night, Republicans face the electorate in several key states and for whatever reason, exit polling revealed  that people were voting against Trump. That is apparently news to the GOP chairwoman who apparently was not shocked in the least that Republicans lost bigly last night.


Ronna apparently missed a certain governor who was part of the Trump campaign and the president of the Republican Governors Association. For the first time since 1989, Democrats won the three bellwether elections in Virginia, New Jersey and the NYC mayoral race. Republicans didn’t just lose bigly, they got shellacked.

By the time the Blue Tsunami was done in Virginia last night, Democrats won the Governorship, Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General elections. Republicans held a super majority in the House of Delegates at dawn yesterday, today Democrats have a 1 seat majority with 5 races still too close to call.

The man who wrote the notorious ‘bathroom bill’ in Virginia was a 16 year incumbent in the House of Delegates. Bob Marshall lost to Danica Roem who is the first transgender legislator in Virginia. Karma was having her way with Republicans last night.

Trump’s big endorsement of swamp rat Ed Gillespie didn’t appear to do him much good. This was a complete repudiation of Trump who was quick to assign blame to other people.


Both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan won’t be sleeping well knowing that the Blue Tsunami is building and may just wipe out the gerrymandered House. McConnell awoke this morning to the realization that he has no hope of remaining majority leader after Ralph Northam won by 9 points. The quest to pass tax cuts for the rich will begin in earnest today but with Robert Mueller dribbling out bombshell indictments, the pendulum is swinging back like a guillotine and it’s Republicans whose heads will roll next November.

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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