TN Woman Who Tried Coat Hanger Abortion Is Arrested For Attempted 1st Degree Murder

According to the Murfreesboro Post, Detective Tommy Roberts investigated 31-year-old Anna Yocca who attempted to “self-abort” her pregnancy back in September.

Roberts said that Yocca filled her bathroom tub with hot water, got in and then “took a coat hanger and attempted to self-abort her pregnancy.”

After losing a lot of blood, Yocca went to the hospital and told physicians what she had done. Doctors were able to save the child which weighed just 1.5 pounds and will need care for its entire life. The baby was born with severe damage to the heart, lungs and eyes.

Yocca was indicted on charges of first degree attempted murder by a grand jury last week. She was being held at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center in lieu of $200,000 bond.

This is the awful cost of restricting women’s access to abortion as they have done in every red state in the country. This is what happens when religious people are elected and start codifying their religious beliefs into law. Now the state will have two wards that will cost many millions to the tax payers they claim to serve.



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