The Time for Democratic Party Unity Is NOW

The time for Democratic unity has come!

On Election Day 2010 (a.k.a. “the Big Wipeout”), I happened to be on the Big Island in Hawaii. When the news came that Sen. Daniel Inouye had been reelected (with 74% of the vote!), a Hawaiian runner in traditional island garb ran up the beach holding a torch, blowing on a conch to herald the announcement. It was a pretty cool spectacle, and everyone cheered as he ran by.

But that was about the ONLY good news that day. The Tea Party took control of Congress and it’s been a race to the bottom ever since. Add to that the Citizens United debacle and all the other conservative rulings by this SCOTUS, and a few lower courts, and there’s no denying just how far apart we, as Americans, are these days. With gerrymandered districts, states that’ve imposed voter I.D. laws purposely designed to obstruct Democratic leaning communities, our work is cut out for us.

But 2016 is a golden opportunity to reverse it ALL.

The Senate is ripe for a blue takeover. Several Supreme Court Justices are begging to be put out to pasture. And the GOP, in their wisdom, has settled on a candidate who in any other country but this one, wouldn’t have made it past the first debate. We have this election in the palms of our hands…if only we’d stop using those hands to slap at one-another.

Hillary people: If by some chance Bernie Sanders winds up being the nominee, swallow your pride and vote for him. He’s a GOOD man. I know most of you would anyway.

So, please don’t let pride win. There’s just too much to lose.

Bernie people: If Hillary gets the nod, which at this point appears to be a near-certainty, remember this—a vote for anybody but her would be a de-facto vote for Trump. Casting your vote for Jill Stein might make you feel good about sticking to your principles, but that “feeling” might be short-lived. Should the Bernie-or-Bust movement prevail and Donald Trump is sworn in next January, you too will feel the TRUE repercussions of those principles: A 7/2 conservative/progressive SCOTUS. A 60/40 Senate.

I’m not talking down to you, you all know what’s at stake. But some folks are so entrenched in their opposition to candidate A or B, that they’re knowingly leaving the door open a crack for candidate X to squeeze his orange ass into power. So I’m begging you—set aside these absurd arguments as soon as possible, and come November, be sure to #VoteDemocrat, up and down the ballot. Your children, your grandchildren, and possibly even theirs for generations to come will be the beneficiaries. The whole world is watching this one and American history is on the brink. We can either elect the first woman president, the first Jewish president or the first fascist president.

The choice is ours.

Reflecting on that moment on the beach at Kona six years ago, I’m sitting here tuned in to Radio Tahiti on my iPad, listening to them discuss Donald Trump in Tahitian. Even in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean where life is about as idyllic and carefree as it is anywhere on Earth, the Donald leads the news.

And while I don’t understand Tahitian, I do understand laughter when I hear it. The whole planet thinks we’ve lost our minds for even considering this ridiculous clown. Let’s show them that we’re still sane. That the insanity is confined to a minority of angry, uneducated souls who do not represent what America’s all about.

Featured image courtesy of APGovernmentCHS

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