Trump And Tillerson Are Drowning The State Dept. In A Bathtub — But Why? (Video)

Chaos is a word that many are using to describe the first months of the Trump administration. Beneath that chaos, something sinister seems to be happening. Rachel Maddow and her great investigative team decided to take a look. What they found may not be so much the result of chaos but that of deliberate intent.

Rex Tillerson has been in his office of Secretary of State, far and away our nation’s biggest and most effective tool in foreign policy, for over a month now. In that time, Tillerson has managed to fire all the top people in the department. The “career professionals” that actually do all that “behind the scenes” work as elected and appointed officials come and go from the administration. The experts on things like Russia and the Middle East.

That’s not all. The department also suspended any press briefings until just this Wednesday. Even then, it was a “phone press conference” vs the live type conferences had almost daily before Team Trump took command. During that conference, one question showed just how inept the department has become in such a short time. Tracy Wilkinson, from the Los Angeles Times, asked the State Department spokesman about The Foreign Minister of Mexico being in town and having a big meeting with Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, and General McMaster. She asked if the Secretary of State, the Foreign Minister’s direct counterpart would be meeting as well.

Their reply? They didn’t know the Foreign Minister was in town nor did they have any knowledge of the other meeting with members of Trump’s inner circle.

Really. they were clueless.

But wait, there’s more.

Tillerson himself has avoided answering any questions from the press during his tenure. His “public appearances” consist of photo-ops where the press is hustled out of the room before any questions can be asked. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was shown to be physically shoved out of the room the other day when she had the audacity to even attempt to ask a question. Tillerson just smiled off into the distance while his handlers manhandled Mitchell from the room.

In addition to that, it is being reported (see video below) that the State Department budget is to be cut by a massive 37 percent in the coming year. The department lacks any of the personnel needed to do the job. In addition to the career experts being ousted, Tillerson has no deputies. Not because of any “Democratic obstruction” but because Tillerson simply has not submitted anyone to serve alongside him in the department.

This all leaves many scratching their heads and wondering what is going on at the Department of State.

Rachel Maddow asks these questions and seeks answers in the jaw-dropping clip below;

Why all these dramatic and radical changes? Perhaps it is efficiency or streamlining. Or, maybe they have other intentions. Only time will tell.

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