The Liberal Redneck Muses “That is NOT Pro-life!”

The Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where Republicans have the strangest priorities on the planet.

The strangest of all is their obsession with the unborn fetus in a stance they call “pro life”. What makes it so confusing is the fact that they are pro-war, pro guns, pro death penalty and anti abortion because they are pro-life.

Unfortunately, their “pro-life” stance evaporates into thin air as soon as that unborn fetus is removed from the womb and becomes a viable human being. They want no responsibility with feeding, clothing, teaching and loving that new human being.

They have done their part by saving it from the evil abortion doctor.

The other things are someone else’s responsibility.

They campaign tirelessly against Planned Parenthood because 3% of the services they provide are involved with abortions, which are totally legal under the law. In Republican minds that abortion factor completely negates the fact that the rest of their services involve.

STD testing and treatment, contraception, cancer screening, pregnancy tests, prenatal care and adoption referrals. All of which are pro-life necessities for women. Being anti-abortion, by no stretch of the imagination, is pro-life. Don’t call yourself “pro-life” until your agenda includes feeding the hungry, providing health care for the sick and housing for the homeless.

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