The Liberal Redneck: Dear Religious Clerks “Deal with it!”

LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a state where the Texas Attorney General has told state employees they can ignore the Federal Government if it violates their so called “Religious beliefs.” Of course he is about to be indicted on a multitude of federal charges and will likely be running the office from Huntsville prison.

I am sick of all the “good” Christians who are going absolutely batshit crazy about the SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage. They absolutely can not deal with the FACT that a lot of people in this country do not share their fucking “Religious beliefs” and find them totally racist and bigoted.

In Tennessee an entire office of county clerks resigned rather than be “forced” to issue same sex marriage licenses. I hope they didn’t realize that by resigning they disqualified themselves from any unemployment benefits. They claimed to be doing it for the “greater glory of God.” I got news for you guys, God is laughing his ass off at the sheer stupidity you have demonstrated.

A clerk in Texas refused to issue a same sex marriage license until a federal lawsuit was dropped in her lap and she had an epiphany that God was telling her to follow the law of the land. For some strange reason straight couples across the country are getting divorced to protest same sex marriages. They somehow think that this will nullify the law. Sorry guys, but it’s “not gunna.”

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