The GOP Penchant For Fancy Bill Titles Just Took A Turn For The Hilarious

Naming a bill to introduce to congress can’t be easy, but it really shouldn’t be very hard. It does seem that Republicans just keep making it look like a circus act of misdirection and buzzword juggling, though. However, a new healthcare reform bill introduced may take the cake as the dumbest attempt at a name, ever.

There is a history with Republican bills, though, that really took shape during President Barack Obama’s term: names that sell something they really, really want people to hear. Often hyperpartisan, their bills have had some real humdingers, like the R.E.P.E.A.L act in 2010. One can say that they took a turn for the ridiculous.

According to the LA Times (emphasis mine):

It wasn’t enough to introduce HR 145 this year. Instead, the Republican-sponsored bill became the Revoke Excessive Policies that Encroach on American Liberties Act. Or for easy reference, the REPEAL Act targeting President Obama’s healthcare overhaul.

All the way back in 2005 they were talking about how bills that can be made into acronyms do better. That using the right words in your title or making it a catchy acronym can make all the difference with lobbying groups. Names like SACRIFICE, which stood for Service Act for Care and Relief Initiatives for Forces Injured in Combat Engagements. 

Well, this is what the current crop of legislators really didn’t hit that quite right, and took a turn from the ridiculous to the hilarious:

Bills are supposed to be named something that reflects the content of the bill. With Canada, Sweden, well, really — the entire developed world — having better, less expensive, health care than the US, this bill looks like a big fat lie on the surface. Just looking at that name begs the question, were they writing a children’s book for GOP kiddos, or were they actually trying to sell the bill?

The history of Republicans using suggestive language in naming their bills even spawned a “Republican Bill Name Generator” toy on Rum & Monkey. When you enter a name and tell it you are a Republican(the only option), it will make a bill name up for you.

The generator used the author’s name to find the following bill name, The Ronald Reagan Encouragement Plan. When we entered Lord Voldemort, though, the name was a little different.

When using Lord Voldemort:

And the result:

Screen capture

Well, that escalated quickly.

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