The Fear And Loathing Of Real American Exceptionalism (Video / Op-Ed)

We are the most powerful and frightened nation in human history.

But we are afraid of the wrong things.

We make the kill of ourselves daily by casting freedom aside while huddling in the corner collectively awaiting Imaginary saviors to validate our righteousness.

We cast our pallor in twisting rage to defend blathering unwarranted pretension.
We pillage from the Earth and terrify others while we fear our own shadow.
The enemy is in the mirror.
But we dare not summon the courage to see the beast within.

We are a collapsing hegemony.
We are riddled with self-inflicted wounds.

Our foreign policy bombs others into submission.
We throw money at what makes us morally uncomfortable to assuage our guilt.
But that guilt only grows and turns into necessary illusions.

Our consent is manufactured carefully by our corporate government.
It is cultivated by instilling fear that compels us to vote against our own interests.
“We the Sheeple” are herded into churches and shopping malls to pray that we remain the special and entitled.
We worship the consumption of the natural Earth like a plague of locusts.

It is our promised destiny.

We are the greatest nation on Earth founded upon the will of God to prosper.

We are not entitled.
We are not more special as a nation.
God does NOT root for America.
If “He” were real and did so, that would make him a biased fool.

Our arrogance is chained to our deep-rooted fear of anything different.
Because if it is different we must pound it down. Grind it up. And spit out the bloody remains as evidence that our military might is the equivalent of justice.

The ability to bomb a country back into the Stone Age is not equivalent with justice.
It just ferments terror abroad and diminishes our moral standing around the world.

Our land of liberty is decaying with every drone strike authorized under the “Patriot” Act.

Our constitutional rights are evaporating in the meekness of fear and pride.

Are we the greatest nation on Earth?

If you measure “greatness” by the size of our fabulous arsenal of laser guided bombs, then we most certainly are the “greatest” nation on Earth.

I have a rather different measure of “greatness”.
I feel it in my bones.
The greatest nation is the one that takes care of the vulnerable and protects the lost and the disenfranchised.

We are not the greatest nation on Earth.

We never were.

And guess what?


(Killing Me Softly, Final Scene “America is not a country, America is just a business”)

When we can see that independent thought threatens a system driven by fear mongering to ensure we remain obedient automatons…

When we realize that every human across the planet is born equal despite the arbitrary lines the brutal victors of history have drawn on their maps to favor themselves,

When we are able to see we are not the chosen people of a God invented in the need of those who do not see the beauty of Christ justify greed and avarice,

When we finally recognize we do not have a seat at the table to dine with our corporate death whore military industrialized government,

Then we might have a chance to rise up and aspire to live by this Native American proverb…

~Treat the Earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents.
It was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors.
We borrow it from our children yet unborn.~

Until then?

To all the sheeple who might find this “blasphemous”?

To those who choose to confuse the Constitution for the Bible and the Bible for the Constitution having never read either?

I will “pray” for you to see your infinitesimally small place in the majestic vastness of our beautiful Universe.

Because it is not all about you.

It is only when we can disavow the insecure need to believe we hold¬†dominion over all creation and all creatures…

It is only when we can see the monster inside our soul rabidly adhering to the myth that we matter most,

If we can do all of this in the compassionate and informed desire to live communally with our environment,

And stop being a virus that destroys its host,

It is then we will transcend the fallacy that we own or rule anything, and we can finally be blessed in the true “Grace” of being so fortunate to even exist at all.

The beauty is not in knowing we possess all the answers to life and creation.

The amazement flows from the certainty we are clueless.

The profound gift is that we can even bear witness to the majesty of the Universe at all.
The gift is in seeking to unravel the mysteries of what is beyond our grasp today in the hope we might offer a better tomorrow for our children and their children.

(Noam Chomsky Interview “Manufacturing Consent”)

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Steve Rothrock, Staff Writer for American News X

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