The ‘Crazy Liberal Agenda’ Of New Canadian Leader, Justin Trudeau (Video)

In case you missed it, our neighbors to the north had a pretty big election the other day. They had an election for Prime Minister, basically Canada’s President — in broad strokes at least. Justin Trudeau, son one of Canada’s most beloved Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau was elected to the high office at the ripe old age of 43. Trudeau will also enjoy a large majority in Canada’s Parliment. Indeed, this victory was actually pretty huge and what we could probably call a landslide here. The liberals of Canada simply took over overnight, lead by Trudeau.

The newly elected leader ran on an agenda that would probably make many progressives smile, but there is a catch — and I will get to that in a bit. First, let’s look at what the new Prime Minister’s ‘radical liberal agenda’ is all about. A few things that he ran on was infrastructure development. Scary, eh? Investments in roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects sure is a radical idea — at least according to our GOP here in the States. Furthermore, Trudeau says he will run some budget deficits (less common for them) to pay for it. From where he and the majority of Canadians sit, the conservatives have allowed things to slide, and they need to fix some stuff. We could learn from that, eh?

His next ‘crazy progressive notion’ is a tax cut. Except unlike a GOP or ‘conservative’ tax cut, this is one for the middle class — really. People earning between about 44K and 90K will see a reduction from 22.5 to 20 percent. Everyone who makes less than 200K a year will get a child credit and a break on their health insurance premiums. Remember how the GOP likes to talk about how high Canada’s taxes are? Not so much, eh?

Trudeau wants Canada out of the Middle East but wants to improve relations with the US. The new chief is also a believer in climate science, but that kind of leads us back to that ‘catch.’

Justin Trudeau is also for the Keystone XL pipeline. So is the vast majority of Canadians. That probably won’t sit well with most progressives. And most far-left liberals won’t want to hear about Trudeau’s stance to do things in a more rigid, environmentally friendly way than his predecessor, Stephen Harper. Bottom line, Canada’s business is oil, and this is big to get done to the majority of Canadians. In the long haul, they do expect it to pay for those tax breaks, healthcare and infrastructure projects in the long run. That and a tax increase for the wealthiest Canadians who will be asked to dig deep and shell out 33 percent as a marginal rate … Wait a second. That’s almost seven points lower than our top tier. Yeah, the liberals are taxing less, even to the wealthy after an increase than Ronald Reagan or even George Bush did. Remember, Canadians get free universal healthcare for their tax dollars, which are lower than ours at pretty much every level — even under ‘liberal tyranny.’

Well, there is one other thing they think will help pay for some of that stuff — taxing and regulating the sale of marijuana. Canada today is much more lax than the US with their pot laws and the enforcement of most of the ones that do exist.  Truly, at this point, it is only the government not getting their ‘cut’ (via taxes / fees) and that is about to change. Trudeau campaigned on the platform of wanting full legalization ‘as soon as possible.’ As the International Business Times put it,  Legal weed in Canada is not a question of if, but of when.

Remember, he has a very supportive parliament to help get all this done. Don’t expect many tea party style filibusters there.

The Liberal platform also includes some steps the party will take “immediately” upon forming government:

  • Call an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women.
  • Lift the two percent cap on increases to First Nations education funding and establish a new financial relationship with First Nations.
  • Launch a new competition to replace the CF-18 fighter jet and scrap the F-35 fighter program.
  • Review defense capabilities with the aim of creating a more efficient military.
  • Hire additional mental health professionals to support veterans.
  • Reinstate the long-form census.
  • Implement imported gun-marking legislation.
  • Begin a review of environmental assessment processes.
  • Double the number of immigration applications allowed for parents and grandparents.
  • Lift the visa requirement for Mexican travel to Canada.

Bringing justice to the families of murdered citizens, improving relations with the people who are actually native, improve the military in a smart way, not just ‘more.’ Some might call that liberal, others might call it responsible governing. How about supporting veterans, sane gun laws, concern with the environment, pro-family policies … are those radical ideas or sane ones?

The last one probably would offend a lot of conservatives, and Donald Trump. The way I see it, this is a move to eliminate a racist policy .. yeah some (on the right) would probably find getting rid of racist policies ‘radical.’

Oh, he’s very pro-choice too.

It will be interesting to see if Americans take from Canada’s lead and move more to the left in 2016. From where many sit, however, including the majority of Canadians, Trudeau’s agenda isn’t crazy, radical or anything of the kind. It is more like righting a ship that has gone adrift. Again, it will be interesting to see if this influences our elections here in America next November.

Check out this video with Trudeau speaking on some women’s issues HERE;





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