The 5 Most Ridiculous Things Chris Christie Has Said In Just The Last Week (Video)

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There once was a time when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was considered a “darling” of the party and a big hopeful in the 2016 Presidential race. Those days seem to be gone. What is left is a flailing candidate and governor who has bullishly kept trying to reuse his same old shtick of being the ‘Jersey-esque Every man’ with “tough talk” and that Tony-Soprano-cavalier attitude. The attitude that brought us such hits in the past like telling a concerned voter and mom that it was “none of her business” when Christie was cutting her public school funding while sending his kids off to a private school. Other times found Christie spouting off bad medical advice while visiting Europe. To top it off, last month Christie declared that his “would he make a good president” low numbers from his own state were due to the fact that they didn’t want him to leave. The same logic that had East Germans and North Koreans thinking the wall was there to keep everyone else out.

Lately however, as his numbers slide in both his own State and in any national poll for the POTUS race in 2016, Christie has stepped it up and just let out whopper after whopper apparently in an attempt to get back into the race as a serious contender and not be left off the stage in the 1st debate.

Here are 5 derp-boners that Christie has let out in just the last week;

  • He claimed Hillary could not possibly care about the concerns of voters – because she hasn’t let the media (like Fox News) interview her. He did this on George Stephanopoulos’s “This Week” Sunday talk show. Ironically, the last time Hillary was interviewed by him, the GOP tried to make a huge scandal out of it since he is a Clinton Foundation donor. In addition to that, Hillary has had sit downs with small groups of voters to listen to their concerns for months now. Somehow, I think actually talking to voters versus talking to a media talking head is a better way to get the read of what voters are looking for.
  • This weekend Christie came out strong against citizenship for undocumented immigrants, flip flopping on a position supporting a path to citizenship from just a couple of years ago. To further muddy the waters, Christie stood up in front of a Latino business club gathering and talked about how the GOP should be “more inclusive” towards Latinos.
  • Christie actually came out against free college. That’s right, that was not a typo. He said that “market forces” should drive the price. I guess Christie isn’t aware that some market forces, mostly corrupt ones have been driving the price for decades now … straight into the sky.
  • In keeping with the GOP mantra of “work till you drop dead” that they have been selling, Christie declared that raising the retirement age would be the way to help out seniors and those who will someday be them as well. Forget about raising the cap from the archaic 110 thousand it is now, just put it all on the “lazy moocher’s” backs. Remember, it’s Hillary Clinton who doesn’t understand the concerns of ordinary voters, right?
  • Christie decided that we need to go to war with China. At a Town Hall in New Hampshire just today, Christie made some bizarre statements about dealing with China. As reported;

Governor Christie told the town hall audience that America needed to take a “military approach” and let the Chinese ”know there are limits to what they’re allowed to do.” In discussing China’s activity in the South China Sea, Christie added:

That is an issue that we can handle militarily by going out there and making sure that we show them that we don’t respect their claims to these artificial islands in the South China Sea that they’re building, that they’re saying are theirs that are hundreds and hundreds of miles from the coast of China and are clearly in international waters. We need to send that signal to the Chinese very clearly that we do not acknowledge nor will we respect their claims to those areas.”

Christie is discovering that what may play in Jersey, namely scandal after scandal – even if not caught, and the rude off the cuff remarks don’t play as well outside of the Garden State. Add to that a clear lack of knowledge on some important issues it makes one wonder if Christie has any chance of actually being a viable candidate for 2016. Tony Soprano was really fun to watch on HBO all those years, but no one ever wanted Tony to be the President.
For one more Christie bad call, here’s Christie explaining why he would “crack down” on marijuana as states legalize it as support for legalization rises in the polls. Check it out HERE:


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Update / Correction: Earlier, this story included a link to a Christie “quote” about female viagra. The quote was found to have originated from a satire site and was removed. Chris Christie is ridiculous enough on the facts and fake stories aren’t needed.

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