Thank Michelle Obama For Roadblock In GOP Efforts To Feed Kids More Junk Food At School

The latest GOP assault on kids is aimed at rolling back the child nutrition reforms that First Lady Michelle Obama managed to help push through congress back in 2010.

The reforms required schools to limit junk foods high in fat, sugar and salt, which are known to cause obesity, diabetes and other serious health problems that can last a lifetime, or lead to early death.

It’s really hard to understand exactly what Republicans have against healthy American children

House Republicans have declared war on fresh fruits, whole grains, and veggies in school lunchrooms. They’re also fighting to lift restrictions on fries, chips and cookies, so kids and eat them every day, instead of occasionally. The topping on the Republican proposals are cuts to school free lunch programs in high poverty neighborhoods.

Michelle Obama’s Healthy Eating Legacy

So why are Republicans trying to sabotage the health of our kids by “blessing” a child nutrition reform that pushes more fat, sugar, salt, cookies and deep fried junk food down the throats of our kids at school?

Getting kids healthier has become a big part of Michelle Obama’s legacy as first lady. Erasing that might just be the real reason Republicans are trying to force more junk food on school children in America. Still, it doesn’t seem like the best way to spread the Republican Party’s so-called Christian values.

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There is at least a temporary light at the end of this tunnel. According to Mother Jones, “Because first lady Michelle Obama pushed hard for the 2010 reforms, and her husband will veto any school lunch re-authorization bill that attempts to roll them back, until a new bill passes, the 2010 reforms hold sway.”

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