Term Limits May Not Be Enough To Rid Florida Of Rick Scott

Term limits are a wonderful thing. They will keep Rick Scott from running for governor again in 2018. But they may not enough to rid Florida of the man who some consider the creepiest so-called human that has ever inhabited the governor’s mansion. The Republican Trumpster is planning to run for the U.S. Senate against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson in 2018.

It’s hard to imagine voters giving Nelson’s seat to Scott. In less than 8 years, the bald Tea Party freak has already done more than enough damage to the Sunshine State. Thanks to Scott’s love for Big Polluters, the state should be re-named, the Toxic Waste Toilet State.

As reported on American News X,

The Florida Environmental Regulatory Commission, which was entirely appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, raised the limits on the amount of known carcinogens and toxic waste allowed to be dumped into waterways that feed the Florida drinking water supply…. new pollution guidelines are expected to increase the cancer rate from 1 in 100,00 to 1 in 10,000, for anyone in America who dares to eat Florida seafood more than once a week.

And let’s not forget the dead pelicans that piled up after Gov. Scott decided to deliberately dump raw sewage into Tampa Bay.

In addition to turning Florida into a cesspool, there’s the corruption he was tied to in the largest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history; more alleged corruption involving fundraising and government contracts; and even more accusations of corruption surrounding a 2015 lawsuit that claims Scott failed to disclose “about $200 million in assets on his financial disclosure forms,” according to The Daily Banter.

There is a tiny, but bright spot in Florida’s future when it comes to finally getting rid of Rick Scott. According to a recent poll cited in the Tampa Tribune, Bill Nelson beats Rick Scott in a 2018 senate match-up 52 to 37.

Have your voice heard. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121

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