‘Too Slow, Joe!’ Protesters Mercilessly Mock Ted Cruz In Indiana (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz mocked by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters in Indiana.

Poor Ted Cruz just can’t catch a break in Indiana.

It’s primary time in Indiana, and poor Ted Cruz just can’t catch a break.You’ll almost feel sorry for this escapee from the Uncanny Valley as you watch him getting mercilessly trolled by Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s supporters while on the campaign trail.

On Monday, the folks from ABC’s Good Morning America caught the frontrunner wannabe on camera at a rally in Bloomington as he reaches out towards the hand of someone asking to shake his hand. Suddenly the Bernie Sanders snatches his hand back and taunts, “Too slow, Joe!” Then another rabble rouser shouts:

“You look like a fish monster!”

That would seem needlessly cruel were it not for the fact that Ted Cruz does, indeed, look like a fish monster.

Ted Cruz had barely made it through that gauntlet when we later see him in the small city of Marion, where CBS films his confrontation with a crowd of Donald Trump supporters. Ted Cruz feebly attempts to remind them that he at least treats them civilly, but they’re having none of that.

Using his much-lauded debate skills, Ted Cruz engages one of the Trumpkins head on and loses.

Cruz: What do you like about Donald Trump?
Donald Trumpkin: Everything.
Cruz: Give me one [thing].
Donald Trumpkin: Everything.

When the Mein Trumpf guy finally offers, “The wall, immigration,” Ted Cruz proceeds to argue that his candidate said that “he’s not going to build a wall and he’s not going to deport anyone” on national TV. By standard debate rules, Cruz should have won that round. But this is real life and all Trump’s supporter had to do was call out,  “LYIN’ TED!”

Watch: “Lyin’ Ted” loses a debate to a Donald Trump supporter.

Featured image: Good Morning America via Twitter.

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