Ted Cruz’s Official Twitter ‘Likes’ Explicit Video, What Would Sandra Day O’Conner Think?

ted cruz twitter account likes video creepy
Well, this is just creepy.

The Earth is spinning properly on its axis, and there is proof. The official Ted Cruz Twitter account “liked” an “adult” video featuring three actors doing very “sinful” things to each other. It’s almost like the GOP is trying to keep Trump from being the most shocking thing on their side. It’s also so thick with hypocrisy the country is in danger of choking on it.

Now, this could, of course, be for many reasons, a few of which could be:

1. Ted Cruz is too damn hard-up to not hit the “like” button accidentally while guilty-searching such ungodly (according to him) desires and hiding from his wife in the bathroom. Caught viewing videos of actions he would rather be illegal and punishable by law… Oooopsies.

2. He lets others use his Twitter account who have the same, or similar issues.

3. Whatever excuse he decides to use, who cares, this hypocrisy is hilarious

Now, Ted Cruz being a normal human being under all that religious bluster, and enjoying a bit of entertainment is hardly shocking. This thin lipped constitutional lawyer clearly sets his “morality bar” as high as Trump sets his “honesty bar.” But that is not the point. This is the guy who tried to create an “adult toy ban” because there is no “legal precedent” allowing adults to self-stimulate, seriously.

Magically the public Twitter like disappeared, almost immediately — so shocking. Now we are all left patiently awaiting Ted Cruz’s damage control machine to unleash the hounds of denial to explain why they were trolling Twitter for unmentionable videos at 1 am.

The hypocrisy of these monsters maliciously maligning those they secretly desire is not new. From fundamentalist preachers to Republican House speakers, their cognitive dissonance is on parade almost daily. But Ted Cruz is a special case — truly winning the blue ribbon of rage for the weakest and most vulnerable in our country.

This is the man, whom with his Daddy, gave the “Bathroom Bill” a national audience. I wonder how these actresses feel tonight knowing this miscreant found Jesus on PornHub through their quality acting with the cable guy…

Back in 2015, Ted Cruz launched a campaign to defeat an equal rights ordinance in Houston that protected everyone from your grandma to your uncle — who served in Vietnam based upon equal protections for those who are Transgender — dubbed “The Bathroom Bill,” and he successfully, along with his Christ on a cracker, defeated common sense:

“Shortly after Ted Cruz and the Fright Wing were finished celebrating their victory by demonizing equal rights in Houston, he was off to the Religious Liberties Conference hosted by Pastor Kevin ‘Kill the Gays’ Swanson in Des Moines, Iowa. Cruz joined up… with Kevin Swanson, and his bizarre festival celebrating homophobic hate.”

Homophobic hate, unless you are acting in the titillating video he enjoyed so deeply his reptile brain appears to have hit the “like button.” So here is a rule. If you “self-release” to “two girls,” even once, you don’t get to have an opinion on marriage equality… ever.

And now this video about Ted Cruz and Sandra Day O’Connor watching internet “videos” is just creepy. What would she have to say about his misadventure, one is forced to wonder:

And this one is even worse:

Featured image via screen capture

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