T-Shirt Prank On Trump Supporter Brings Out Nasty Retaliation (VIDEO)

On July 3, 2016, Alexander, a 14-year-old Trump supporter from Los Angeles, California posted a video to YouTube where he recounts a trip to San Francisco in which he ordered a custom Trump T-shirt to Bang-On; a store in the Haight-Ashbury district, just for the sheer and simple thrill of it.

Shortly after placing his order, he received a number of dirty looks and pointed questions in regard to his choice of design. Then 15 minutes later, a clerk told him, “Hope you had a good laugh,” and gave him the finished T-shirt – black with the word “TRUMP” in yellow letters on the front. Inside the shirt, just above the hem were the words “FUCK YOU.”

Shortly after the video was posted, a number of Trump supporters stormed Bang-On’s Yelp page, leaving scathing reviews. Subsequently, the owner at Bang-On T-shirts posted a mea-culpa to the store’s Facebook page.

To whom it may concern,

We, at Bang-On Custom T-Shirts, would like to apologize for our previous employees actions at our San Francisco location.

Their actions and opinions in no way reflect our training or policies. We have since terminated this employee.

We would like to insure you that we do not and will not tolerate such behavior towards our Customers and will always take the proper actions to resolve the situation.

We value all our Customers patronage and hope that this incident does not prevent you from returning to our stores.


Bang-On T-Shirts Ltd. Head Office

To a point, I don’t blame the clerk responsible for this prank, and I admire her for her willingness to stand up for her beliefs at all costs. Moreover, Alexander is certainly no angel, being that in the exclusive interview he did with Regated.com after the story broke, he put his racism on full display.

“I started supporting Trump a few days after he announced his campaign, and I’ve been on the train ever since. I live in Los Angeles, so I have a first-hand experience with illegal immigrants and what Trump is talking about.”

However, speaking as somebody who has worked in customer service for over a decade total, I believe that instead of offering malice in lieu of acceptable service to a paying customer who happens to be a supporting a fascist candidate with hostile dissent and fully allied to bigotry, a more graceful way of getting the point across would have been to say to the customer:

“I am invoking my right to refuse service to anybody. Your money doesn’t spend here. Please leave the premises this instant.”

Perhaps there may be a storm in a teacup afterward, especially since some people believe that the right to free speech ought to extend to giving equal time to the belligerent defense of ignorance. Then again, if the clerk puts the above message across in a respectful manner, nobody would have any call to say he or she would be acting unreasonably, especially as there would be no money changing hands.

Featured image: Public Domain



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