Unhinged GOP Rep. Urges Donald Trump To ‘Purge Leftists’ From The White House (VIDEO)

What's behind all the leaks from Donald Trump's White House? GOP Rep. Steve King insists it's a vast left-wing, "deep state" conspiracy led by Barack Obama.
Featured image: Video screen grab MSNBC.

What’s behind all the leaks from Donald Trump’s White House? Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)  insists it’s a vast left-wing, “deep state” conspiracy led by Barack Obama.

On Sunday, he sent out the following bizarre tweet.

This comes on top of the GOP’s president Donald Trump’s unhinged Twitter tirades that claim Barack Obama wiretapped his phones.

On Tuesday, Steve King doubled down and told The New York Times:

“We are talking about the emergence of a deep state led by Barack Obama, and that is something that we should prevent. The person who understands this best is Steve Bannon, and I would think that he’s advocating to make some moves to fix it.”

He then added:

“[Donald Trump] needs to purge the leftists within the administration that are holdovers from the Obama administration, because it appears that they are undermining his administration and his chances of success.”

Steve King also claimed Barack Obama’s real reason for staying in Washington is to undermine Donald Trump. He discounts their entirely valid desire to stay until their younger daughter graduates high school. Yet he never mentions how Melania Trump’s hemorrhaging public tax dollars so young Barron can finish his school year in New York City.

The term “deep state” refers to a permanent bureaucracy of military, intelligence, and law enforcement staffers that secretly run things. The New York Times explains the term normally applies to the kind of corrupt, militarized regimes you see in countries like Pakistan:

The deep state is a phrase often heard in countries where there is a history of military coups and where generals often hold power independent of elected leaders.

The reason why you’ve likely never heard of it is because you don’t read Breitbart, the “news” source that first “reported” on this. How convenient that the person who used to run Breitbart, Steve Bannon, now just happens to be Donald Trump’s top strategist.

Steve King on MSNBC: Obama’s “deep state” lefties seek to destroy Trump’s administration with leaks.

Steve King  joined Greta Van Susteren on MSNBC Wednesday to spread more of his “deep state” lies.  When Greta Van Susteren asked Steve King to explain his tweets and statements about Obama’s “deep state” lefties undermining Donald Trump through leaks, he answered that the U.S. government is still full of Obama’s people:

“Department after department of government have people who are embedded in there after eight years of President Obama. They’re not serving president Trump well. And I thought within his first few days of office he would have gone in there and removed all political appointees that he could by law and replaced them with his own people, and then begin to marginalize those he can’t trust.”

But he’s wrong on two counts. In January, top U.S. State Dept. officials left in droves either because Donald Trump asked them to resign or because they’re disgusted by his words and actions. And don’t forget how Trump’s transition team requested lists of federal employees who work on issues they don’t like –like climate change — for purging purposes.

There’s a vast difference between staffers pushing back because they oppose the GOP’s cruel and destructive agenda — as do the vast majority of U.S. voters — and a “deep state”seeking to thwart the will of its people…Like Donald Trump and the GOP are doing.

When Greta Van Susteren asked if Steve King really thinks the intelligence community has a “vendetta” against Donald Trump, he answered:

“Greta, I believe that some of them do. And if they didn’t, somebody would come forward and confess to the leaking of the conversations with General Flynn and the ambassador from Russia. And that is a federal crime and a felony.”

Um, no…Actually, Flynn’s chats with the Russian Ambassador before Mein Trumpf took office are a “federal crime.” The leaks merely exposed them. If the GOP either gave a damn about their country or didn’t control Congress, their president would be in serious trouble.

Also, the leaks have little to do with our non-existent “deep state” and a lot to do with the incessant infighting among Donald Trump’s own staff. The people closest to him may want to oust their rivals and curry favor with their boss, but they sure as hell don’t respect him.

As GQ hilariously points out:

How little respect do you have to have for your boss to tell a reporter that things are so bad that no one even knows where the fucking light switches are.

Here’s the video with Steve King’s over-the-top interview with Greta Van Susteren.

Featured Image: Video screen grab via MSNBC.

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