This Single Image Illustrates Just How Bad Trump Screwed Up “Retreat” On Hannity

single image shows audience reaction trump disrespect flag

Donald Trump actually laughed and joked through “Retreat” being played on a military base and attributed the reason they were playing it to Sean Hannity’s ratings. During an interview in which he attacked NFL players for taking a knee during our national anthem.

Taking a knee during the anthem is not the same as impudently attributing the oldest honor our military and civilian leaders show our flag to Hannity’s ratings.  It is not the same as laughing through the ceremony, ignoring the gravity of the moment. Not even a comedian would show this kind of disrespect, Robin Williams is rolling in his grave.

Remember, Trump once compared his “military prep school” to serving in the military, they must not have taught him much about what “respecting our flag” actually means. Maybe he just wasn’t paying attention then, either.

Kneeling during our national Anthem in respect for those who have fallen, in this country and in defense of it, is no disrespect to our flag. What Trump did? Not even his own supporters will be able to ignore that completely without some serious mental gymnastics.

Attributing the moment every day that the Army dedicates to our flag to one’s self, or to television ratings? Laughing through it though his audience has gone largely silent? Actually disrespecting our flag? Do you want to know what the Trump supporters in the Hannity audience thought of that?

It took a second to sink in, but the Hannity audience reaction shot showed this:

Original image:

First, his Evangelical base had to defend him for being a known liar. Then, for being a known cheater, and bragging about taking advantage of women. Now, those uber-patriotic followers of him just had to give up their desire to see the flag be worshiped, during an actual flag-centric-ceremonial moment.

Now we are left to question, are they really going to show us they are bound by their own principles or are they going to swallow their pride like bile and guilt and allow him to get away with this? How about Hannity? Does he dare not address this happening on his show?

Watch for yourself:


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