Silverman and Borowitz Talk Trump At The New Yorker Festival (VIDEO)

Silverman and Borowitz New York
Silverman and Borowitz at The New Yorker Festival

Sarah Silverman sat down for a chat with Andy Borowitz at The New Yorker Festival this month. In the exchange, she tells Andy Borowitz why nationalism makes her feel uncomfortable before moving on to tackle the Donald.

Why Would Nationalism Make Sarah Uncomfortable?

Ms. Silverman anecdotally explained herself in a story about her then boyfriend raising a flag in his yard. She recounts feeling rather uncomfortable  and placed a call to her sister. It was then that her sister told her that “Jews have an innate fear of nationalism” according to Sarah. Rather understandable considering the past.

In fact, according to a study from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, trauma experienced by parents can be genetically passed to their children. The study was conducted on holocaust survivors and found the same genetic signs of the trauma in their children. This is known as “epigenetic inheritance” and can occur due to any severe trauma a parent experiences.

Sarah Takes On Trump

Sarah Silverman was a rather ardent Bernie Sanders supporter during the primary. So when the Senator from Vermont gracefully bowed out to Mrs. Clinton, it came as no surprise that Silverman became a supporter of hers as well.

Sarah comically compares Mr. Trump to a “whitehead that the GOP has been growing for decades.” Truly we can see this is the case with the vitriol and misinformation pumped out by some media outlets. After quoting Mr. Rogers’ old adage “if it is mentionable then it is manageable,” she continues on that Trump “embodies real feelings and reflects a real part of this country.” She couldn’t be more accurate in that assessment as we see in some cases with the more vocal of the Donald’s supporters.

But enough of the explanations already. Kick back and watch Sarah and Andy have a chat in the video below. We are sure you will enjoy her hilarious insight as much as we did.


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