Seth Meyers Nails Ted Cruz And The GOP On Their Anti-Refugee Nonsense (VIDEOS)

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We can say it again — yes, the media has failed. As Jon Stewart used to say, the media are like ‘six-year-olds playing soccer’ in the way they cover stories. With the recent Syrian refugee crisis, the media have proven Stewart right again as they play to the silliest of fears, rumours and half-truths. It’s both sad and funny that it takes politically active comedians to blow the lid off such incompetence.

Seth Meyers last week took on the GOP machine and literally hung it out to dry over how hypocritical and fact-less they have been. The best of which was skewering Ted Cruz over his calling admitting refugees as ‘lunacy.’ Cruz cited the typical fear mongering popular in the GOP (and even seeping into the democratic ranks as politicians seek political cover before election season) in an attempt to drive some distance between his own story and the ones of the current refugees. Cruz said the ‘lunacy’ is in admitting these people who he fears might be dangerous, based on past behaviors. Cruz apparently forgot that on Meyer’s own show a short time ago, he spoke of his father, who came to the U.S. as a refugee ‘fighting alongside Castro for four years’ before being granted political asylum in the US.

The host, in his monologue, also pointed out some facts — ones not even preached on MSNBC, who is supposed to be the ‘liberal’ media. Facts like us admitting almost 800,000 refugees and only arresting three for attempted crimes against the U.S. after their arrival. Meyers points out that more people get arrested in the parking lot of an Eagles game. As someone who lives in the greater Philadelphia area, I can back up that fact. In fact, years ago, so many people got arrested at Eagles games that the city set up a court RIGHT IN THE STADIUM to deal with all the arrests in the parking lots as well as inside the stadium. It may have been a punchline, but it’s also the truth.

Seth goes on to take apart the rest of the argument that we should shut our doors to refugees. Check it out HERE;

While Meyers delivers his message with a side of funny, he makes some great points. Perhaps the refugee crisis will finally get our Congress off it’s collective butts and look at some sane gun laws. Things like the gun show loophole — where no background checks are required. The fact is, the rigor of ‘sneaking in as a refugee’ for a terrorist is highly inefficient. There are much easier ways to get here. The Visa waiver program for one. Donald Trump and others are afraid of terrorists coming across the southern border, but the fact is, our northern border is a much easier path. I don’t hear anyone talking about a 3,000-mile wall across Canada with any seriousness.

Oh yeah, Scott Walker once mentioned it to try to “Out trump – Trump” and got thumped.

Trump, for his part, continues to be a Facebook comments section running for President running every half-baked conspiracy theory through his speeches such as claiming ‘thousands cheered’ in Jersey as the twin towers came down — a claim that the Jersey police call false. Of course, Trump is going off right wing claims of that happening and showing clips of people of middle eastern heritage cheering for other things and the media (remember the incompetent media) initially taking the lies as facts, only to be later quietly retracted — which they were. That doesn’t stop the comment section troll running for President, however.

Trump is also claiming that he only sees ‘males’ as refugees coming over and no ‘women or children.’ This despite the actual facts that the vast majority are women and children. See Trump go off the deep end with his fake facts HERE;


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