See Why This 15 Year Old, Up And Coming Rapper Has Filed A Lawsuit Against President Obama (VIDEO)

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This is truly a modern-day version of the Biblical fable, David and Goliath whereas an ordinary man sets out to kill a giant. In this case, however, David is portrayed by Scientist James Hansen and a ragtag group of 21 children including Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh, who is a budding “eco-rapper,” a very, very powerful public speaker and a 15-year-old boy who is definitely wise beyond his years. The giant, or “Goliath” in our version of this classic tale is the multi-trillion dollar fossil fuels industry which has been selfishly and carelessly destroying the planet Earth since it has come into existence, so much so that life as we currently know it is completely dependent on the use of fossil fuels. If there was ever such thing as an unnecessary evil in our world, it would most likely have something to do with the fossil fuel industry.
Our planet should remain the number 1 priority for all of it’s inhabitants mainly due to the simple fact that this is the only planet we currently know that humans can live on. I salute these kids and James Hansen for doing something that should have been taken care of a very long time ago.

In the original story of David and Goliath, David eventually takes down the giant with an extremely primitive weapon called a sling, which is essentially a stone lashed to a strand of leather. David used this weapon because he was familiar with it and it was all he really had at the time, however, he also used a sling because he knew when used correctly, it was a very effective weapon. These 21 young people who are our modern day counterparts to David are utilizing the best weapon that they have available to them, by filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration for their lack of action concerning America’s dependence on fossil fuels. Like the story of David, this lawsuit can also be a very effect weapon or tool in the fight against the fossil fuels industry, who have allegedly been working diligently to make this lawsuit disappear.

In a recent interview with CNN’s J.D. Sutton in Paris at the COP21 UN Climate Change Summit, Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh had this to say in regards to the lawsuit his ragtag group of youth activists has recently filed against President Obama and his administration –

” You’re failing, you know. F-minus. We’re holding you accountable for your lack of action.”

While I commend Hansen, Tonatiuh, and the other youth activists for all of their much-needed efforts to save the only known planet that can sustain human life in the entire universe, I (sort of like the onlookers in the story of David and Goliath) think that these kids may have bitten off a bit more than they are able to chew. Hopefully, this story will have a similar conclusion to the way the story of David and Goliath ended and James Hansen, Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh, and their team of young people will win their Lawsuit Against the U.S. Obama Administration and become a catalyst to beginning to reduce the ridiculous global dependence on fossil fuels. Although, the realist in me tells me that the fossil fuels multi-trillion dollar fortune being thrown at the lawyers arguing against this suit will never allow that to happen. This is absolutely a rare occasion on my part because this grumpy old man is eagerly awaiting the day when these wise teens can (as did David) take down the gargantuan fossil fuels industry and begin to repair all of the damage our planet has suffered at it’s grimy hands.

See his video explaining his position on climate change HERE;





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